How to Backhand Flick like Fan Zhendong Table Tennis

hey guys it’s Dan and Tamir from the Table Tennis daily Academy and in today’s video we’re gonna take a quick overview of the backhand flick a shot we see a lot of top player using right now like fan Zhendong and Dimitri otter off so for the full in-depth video head over to table tennis Daley Academy comm but now let’s get to it [Music] right so let’s get to the technical points because we use this shot against a short serve or push ball and we’ll stay nice and low if you’re right-handed your right foot steps in under the table with your back drawn back now as we can see here dan’s elbows coming slightly forward so it allows him to create the space so he can brush through with the wrist and finish the shot out in front he’s also very low and he’s got his head and body close to the ball which is allowing him to contact it at the top of the bounce you want to think about your finger and thumb as you contact the ball should bring the wrist back so you can brush over with a closed angle to get that grip and contact now the shot will vary slightly when playing against the backspin or a side spin serve so if there’s backspin on the ball Dan is going to brush up the back and around the side slightly more if the serve is side spin or topspin or even float he’s going to come over the top of the ball to compensate for that different spin okay so I’m bringing my wrist back and brushing over the top of the ball get in that spin at the top of the balance it’s important to remember to adjust for different spins so first I’m going to do a backspin serve to Dan brush up on the ball and then we’ll see the adjustment if I give him a sides been served now he’s then having to close his back over the top of the ball if we take a look at Dan here in the slow motion footage you can really see he’s using the elbow and forearm as a pivot to go around the ball and let his wrist brush in at the top of the bounce now this shot will take time to develop so we want to emphasize that going for that spin and brushing fine contact is important in the beginning once you develop the consistency in confidence with this you can improve the racket speed and acceleration to play the stronger flicks just like players such as fan Zhendong so there was a quick breakdown on how to do the backhand flick now this is a very effective shot against serves and against a push ball it puts your opponent under lots of pressure early on in the points so for a more in-depth analysis on this shot and many more including tactics common errors and training drills simply click the links below to head over to the table tennis daily Academy today you

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