How to Assemble a Schacht Cricket Loom

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\pard\pardeftab720\ql\qnatural \f0\fs30 \cf0 Hi I\’92m Lesley Ann Bestor
and I\’92m the assistant store manager here at WEBS and I also teach the rigid heddle
classes as well as some beginning weaving classes, and I\’92m going to show you how
to assemble a Cricket Loom which is Schacht\’92s smallest of their rigid heddle looms and it\’92s
a great loom for small projects and it\’92s a great loom for kids. \’a0The cricket loom
comes in a kit with a little bit of assembly it\’92s very easy to put together and it comes
with everything you need except for a few tools. \’a0You have two sides to the loom
and you want to take the one that has the ratchet dogs on it and put it on your right
side with the little cricket and the ratchet dogs facing outward. \’a0And then line up
your other piece so that all the cutouts are the same and then spread them apart, and we\’92re
going to start by taking the plain dowel, that\’92s the back beam and we\’92re going
to screw it in. \’a0So I start by just hand tightening it a little bit to get it in there
and then I\’92m using a phillips head screw driver and just tightening up. \’a0This is
using the longest of the screws. \’a0Then we\’92re going to attach the back beam on
the other side so we line it up start the screw by hand and then just use the screwdriver
and you\’92re starting to see the loom look more like a loom. \’a0So now we\’92re ready
to put the front beam on up here so I\’92m gonna turn the whole thing around. \’a0I\’92m
gonna take the second beam which is this long smooth dowel and screw it into the front.
\’a0So now we\’92re going to put in the cloth beam and the warp beam, those are the ones
with the ratchets, and you\’92re going to start them on the side that has the ratchet
dogs, you\’92re right side, and just pass it through the big hole and then through the
big hole on the left and start screwing into the hole on the end of the warp beam. \’a0Next
we\’92re going to attach the handles for our ratchets, you\’92re going to pass this dowel
through the large hole and then you\’92re going to take the smallest screws and screw
them in through this hole to hold that handle in place. So the second one on the warp beam
is the same thing, you\’92re going to take the dowel and put it through the big holes
and then screw in the the little screw to hold the handle in place. \’a0You\’92ll notice
in your warp beam and your cloth beam, there\’92s three holes drilled through and what you\’92re
going to do is take one of these cords and thread it through the hole, and you\’92ll
notice that the cord has got little loops in it, we\’92re going to go to the very first
loop closest to the end and we\’92re going to pass the opposite end through that loop
and then pull it up tight. \’a0We\’92ll do the same on each of the three holes on each
of the beams. \’a0So, the last step is to attach the apron rod to the cords, what you\’92re
going to do is fold a piece of the cord and then poke that folded piece through the loop.
\’a0And that will give you another loop. \’a0And you\’92re gonna do this three times, one on
each of the three cords and then put in your apron rod and pull it up tight so all three
cords will go around it. \’a0So when you finish the first end, your going to go to the other
end of the loom and install the apron cords in the same manner. \’a0So now you\’92re ready
to warp your loom, here\’92s your heddle, and it sits in this block here, this is called
the neutral position and that\’92s the position that you use to warm your loom in, when you
get ready to weave, it has two other positions, it can be in the up position or in the down
position down here. \’a0}

19 thoughts on “How to Assemble a Schacht Cricket Loom

  1. Thank you so much for the assembly video! I just got my 15" Cricket Loom today and had the whole thing together except for the cord thing, I was baffled! The pics in the directions were not much help but this video was. I think I'm now ready to watch the rest of your videos and learn how to do the weaving thing. I love knit and crochet but I need something new!!

  2. We are so glad this video was of help to you! We have a great selection of weaving and spinning videos here to get you started.

  3. Thank you !
    I got my cricket loom yesterday and got it all assembled up to the Apron bars and cord….had no idea how to go about that part. You were so helpful ! Now I have to see if I can warp it and see exactly what the apron string is used for …..hope I can find a clear lesson on that. I'm sure I don't have to tell you this is my very first loom . This is all New to me ! Thanks for being so detailed.

  4. Thank you! I just bought a cricket loom from Webs & we got stuck on the apron cords & bars too, so thank you! I think we got it now

  5. Thank you. This loom would have been sitting half-made in the box, or worse yet, in the trash, without your instructions on the apron cords!

  6. Has anyone else had problems attaching the front and back beams?  The screws are very difficult to get in and the heads have ended up stripped, and that's before they've been inserted all the way.  So now I have a wobbly loom with half an inch of screw sticking out in all four corners.

  7. What held ME up was the written instructions for the strings doesn't mention the loops clearly, so I had no clue about tying on properly. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me. This was given to me as a gift and I'm incredibly excited to use it!

  8. Very helpful, thank you! Note to Schact – you need to make the instructions clearer. Specifically step 6a,b,c,d,e&f

  9. What the heck….first two screws I tried to assemble stripped when they were only halfway in!! Now I'm completely stuck!! Can't screw them in or out!!

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