How the front leg works when hitting a baseball

I’ve got a hitting question today that I
thought was interesting so I’m going to answer that. The question was, “So I’ve
been working with a swing coach and we’ve recently been working on keeping my front
side stiff, something I agree with. However, I have two things I want to hear people’s
opinions on regarding the front side. Number one, how does the front knee stay in
a position to avoid injury while generating the most successful swing? Does it lock, kneecap
pushing back, stay barely flexed but stiff or extend fully without locking? And then number two, widening my feet and
my stance out so they’re wider than shoulder width and I’ve noticed improvements in my
hitting significantly. However when not swinging, my front knee always feels uncomfortable and
often painful. This has only begun since I changed these two things. Can anyone explain what’s above and/or how
to avoid this knee discomfort? I think it’s a result of either not keeping my front leg
extended properly or of my feet being too wide. I just need a way to avoid knee pain
while having maximum success hitting and I feel like other people’s opinions could
really help me as well as others. Thanks.” All right. So let’s start with number one
and talk about what the front leg is doing there when you swing and how you can stay
free from injury while doing the correct movement, mechanics while you’re hitting. All right.
So first of all, let me pull my shorts up when I’m swinging so you’ll see my front
leg good. Now, as far as – well, I’m not going to
get into the wideness of the stance just yet because that was your second question but
as far as the mechanics on the front leg, when you go to hit, you’re going to land
bent, OK? You want to be about 45 degrees on your land foot as far as angle where your
toe was going as you’re coming down. OK? And when that happens, as your hands are coming
through the zone, this leg is going to straighten up as you get to contact because you’re
going to be moving into it. Your weight is coming from back to forward so you’re moving
into this bent leg. And as you’re coming into it, it’s going to straighten out as
your hands are coming through and you’re going to leverage your energy as you’re
hitting and it pushes you back so your leg is going to be strong and straight. OK? Now, the reason you may be feeling some discomfort
is once you get your – because you’re so locked in right here that you keep this
and the torque puts pressure on that knee. What you’ll see a lot of hitters do is that
the guys who create a lot of energy, once they hit against this front leg after it locks
out, they’ll let it open up a little bit or kind of roll out on the outside part of
the foot to release some of that tension on the front left. All right? So that’s what
the front leg is doing during a swing and how you can take some of the tension off of
your knee after you swing. You also want to make sure you got a strong
leg. If you got a weak leg, a weak club, a weak muscle surrounding the knee, it’s going
to be hard to perform this movement without hurting yourself. So make sure you’re working
out. You’re doing your exercises to make sure you’ve got the stability in your knees,
the strength and stability to perform this movement. Now, to answer your question, your second
question, which was about the width of the stance, I like a wider stance, wider than
shoulder width. But also, you want to knock your knees in a little bit. So if you’re
right here and your knees are over your toes, that’s no good. You want to make sure your
knees are inside your feet because we want this type of energy right here side to side
so that we can generate some linear energy and then get our rotation through that ball. So, as long as you’re keeping your knees
inside your front foot, I think that’s good. Anything wider than this, that’s too wide.
You want to be in athletic stance. Almost as if you were like playing basketball so
you can go side to side. If you’re in that spot, that’s going to put you in a good
spot to start your swing. All right? I hope I answered your questions fully. Let
me know. If you got any more questions, join the newsletter and hit respond. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe
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7 thoughts on “How the front leg works when hitting a baseball

  1. Hey john I need your help im having a problem dropping my hands and i only do so vs live pitching any help?

  2. Love your work … my son is 11 and we play in Canberra Australia and this is exactly what we need to practice. Thx heaps!

  3. Weight in the heel of front leg will let the foot twist easy if you on balls of your feet your leg won't rotate easily. Treat it like a pivot.

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