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What happens if I serve the ball it bounces on my side it touches the net and goes on the table? That is a [let] and you just stop and replay the point if the ball hits the net and goes over during the Rally its play on so a let is only when You’re serving it bounces on your side touch the net and then goes on to the other person’s side of the table So how [many] let’s are you allowed to serve before you lose a point? Well, there is no rule to say that you Lose a point when you serve a let so you are allowed to serve as many less as you like and it is still always Elect so if I serve one two five Ten a hundred Lets in a row it’s still oh let

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  1. You should link the video where Wang Liqin serves like 6 lets in a row…a good strategy if you have that control!

  2. But at some point the 10 minute rule has to come in place or no? I guess it's too extreme and it's not going to happen in a real game but what would happen if you serve let's for 10 minutes?

  3. #askpingskills
    Hey sir, I have a question.
    While serving(or in the middle of the game) in table tennis, if our racquet touches the table or if we ourselves touches the table then is it a point for opponent?

  4. we must be hardcore then in casuals in my you only get 3
    when seriuos you only 2 before forfeiting the point
    (mainly because of the sure number of people that wants to play)

  5. what if when you serve it hits the net but doesn't touch the opponents side of the table and just goes over, would that be a let or a fault?

  6. Before watching this video, whenever I heard the umpire saying "let" I thought he or she pronounced "net" poorly. XD

  7. Love the videos, but still a little unsure about the rules of lets and services. Is a let only given if the serve hits the net? Also, is a point given to the receiver if the serve is illegal in any other way besides a let? For example, if the serve doesn't hit on the receiver's end, is that a let or just a point to the receiver? Or if the server tosses the ball up and swings and misses?

  8. Maybe this could be a next level strategy, to intentionally serve many many lets in a row to throw off your opponents concentration, and then hit them with the long fast serve

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