100 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go For Flag Football?

  1. Dan, while you were in NC, in Durham, you should have taken a 1.5 hour road trip to Winston-Salem, NC to the Headquarters of Krispy Kreme!

  2. This is probably for almost all the fans towards YouTube dads, but Dan is such a cool dad, like what the hell. Adopt me. Hahahaha

  3. no offense, but maybe claire should start doing whats inside videos, if lincoln is busy. yousay there will be a new video every week but there isnt always. sorry. consider it.

  4. Lincoln is not good he does not take a 3 step drop and he does not use his body. That causes him to be inaccurate. If he play real football he would sit the bench

  5. I broke my nose on Sunday playing flag football. My nose is literally blue from all the bruising. If u want I can make a video about it

  6. There’s no way in hell I’d be driving my kid 4 hours each way for a Rec sport he has no future in, especially when he’s not getting good grades

  7. Did you know? What is the red stuff they drop on fires called?

    Air tankers are often used to drop thousands of gallons of water and retardant onto fires. The red stuff that you often see being dropped from planes and helicopters is a chemical retardant that contains phosphate fertilizer, which helps to slow and cool down the fire. And if you want to all about this stuff here is the link so you can know all about it.

    https://science.howstuffworks.com › …

    Battling the Blaze – Battling Wildfires | HowStuffWorks

  8. Sad that I didn´t hear or know about Flag Football in Germany. Could be an interesting sport to practice/playing and have some fun on internal matches and little competition with other teams.
    But I´ll agree with you to bring Lincoln to his buddy if it neccessary and if it worked out on every line. ( Also especially with the school and good grades for him. )

    mhh I don´t see you as a referee in the future, more like analyst or reporter or so. 🙂

  9. Youth Football is a lot different in Utah then where I played in South Florida. I played in a 12-13 year old league and a lot of the kids were literally the size of Adults. I had multiple players on my team who were running the 40 in 4.7-4.9 seconds. Youth football is a lot more brutal down here.

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