How FAR can an Airbag Launch a Football?!

Hey guys ChrisFix here today I’m going to answer that one question that’s on everybody’s mind how far can an airbag launch of football so to answer that question i went to my local salvage yard and i purchased a bunch of airbags and a little fun fact that I learned when you buy a bunch of airbags the salvage yard is actually supposed to report you to the FBI the so FBI as you’re about to see these airbags are only going to be used for launching footballs I promise and speaking of footballs i bought a bunch of footballs because well i think we’re going to need them and these footballs are the official size and weight of the NFL football and this should give us a fun comparison to something like an NFL kicker so before we launch the footballs right now is the perfect time for you guys to take your guesses, comment below, let me know how far you think we’re going to be able to launch a football by the end of the video I definitely want to hear your guesses i’m gonna guess 50 yards that’s my guess if we could get it launched I’m thinking 50. alright so let’s get started and the first thing i want to do is I want to show you how an airbag works and to do that we’re going to launch one and i have a high-speed camera but the one difficult thing about the high-speed camera is somebody has to actually press the button and run right before the airbag goes off because this only record for about three seconds and a thousand frames a second since thousand pictures in a single second takes a huge amount of memory to record so quickly so this adds a little bit of excitement to our day so let’s watch this thing in slow motion 3.2.1. and I can’t believe it but our first airbag is a dud if you were relying on this for your life this did not work the plastic didn’t break apart so the airbag didn’t even open it just opened off to the sides let’s try that again with another airbag so the only thing that I could think of besides this being a dud is that we use a 9-volt battery which isn’t a typical voltage in a car typically get 12 volt in the car so instead of using a 9-volt for this next one I’m going to use an identical airbag and we’re going to use 12 volt so let’s try this again 3 2 1 alright let’s check this out finally the airbag exploded just the way we wanted it to that’s the difference of 12 volts and nine volts so we’re going to be using 12 volts for the rest of the day and with that being said this is not something you want to do at home this is not a toy this isn’t a joke and airbag get seriously hurt you or kill you I work with airbags all the time with fixing cars so I know what I’m doing this isn’t something you should be doing at home so we just saw how powerful and airbag is now let’s go see how far we can launch one of these footballs but first to measure how far the football goes i’m going to set out cones every 10 yards and that last own mark 70 yards from the goal line will the football even get close we will find out but that is a long ways away next to brace the airbag I’m counting a steel pole into the ground and then our airbags going to be set up right at 45 degrees since a 45-degree trajectory will give us the furthest launch and the team’s gonna hold the ball against the airbag so it’s ready to launch and I have a long length of wire to keep me away from the exploding airbag and here we go how far will a football go for the first launched three two one all right it worked and that thing flew 22 yards not bad let’s check out the high-speed camera and you can see the ball launches at about 60 degrees but we want to launch at 45 degrees for maximum distance so let’s try that again wire up the new airbag and set the ball up to try to get that 45 degree angle let’s do this ready 321
321, go, whoa, okey 30 yards 30 32 yards go check it out so there’s where the first one landed all right and the second landed right around here that’s pretty good that’s about 30 yards this time we were close to that 45 degree angle still a little too high and as they say time flies when you’re having fun and we are running out of daylight so what I want to do is I want to see if we could get a field goal using an airbag since this is our last shot i’m going to try to be reasonable so this is going to be like a 15 yard field goal and if we check out how football is lined up it looks like we’re going to split the uprights so can we get a field goal using an airbag let’s find out right a 321 whoa 321 and it’s good so I’m just kind of curious it hit the flagpole and it was still going so let’s get a measurement to the flagpole I think we beat our record going this way man that airbag launched it so it’s still in the air at the flagpole hundred thirty feet so that’s 43 yards and hit the flagpole could still kept going on man that’s exciting so there you go the furthest distance of today was 43 yards and that was using afford airbag all right now that is a rap that was really cool totally different than what I normally do on my channel launched in football with airbags but that was fun, we managed to get a football over 43 yards when we got that field goal and we actually got a field goal with a football and an airbag i hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did remember to give it a thumbs up and if you’re not a subscriber consider subscribing we have some cool videos in the work so stay tuned…

100 thoughts on “How FAR can an Airbag Launch a Football?!

  1. Son: Dad! I'ma go play football!
    Dad: alright! Come back before dusk!
    Son: comes back an hour later
    Knocking at the door
    Dad: looks outside sees FBI son, did you buy airbags then played football with the airbags?
    Son: maybe..?
    Dad: ….

  2. my 04 mitsubishi eclipse spyder gs had a malfunction, clock spring went bad n the airbag deployed out of nowhere n sent me across the st almost crashed into a tree, managed to still stop the car in time even tho i couldnt hear, see, or breath with all that smoke filling up the car, put it in park n got out, went to the hospital, face was swollen badly from the impact of that airbag, i say they can b dangerous, first the steering wheel started to click, then smoke, horn constantly going off, then the airbag deployed, if ur steering wheel starts to click when turning then see smoke from it, pull over safe turn the vehicle off, flashers on get out of it n call for help

  3. Recently i T-boned a crown Vic his fault failed to yield cause my bags to deploy man it’s such a strong impact and it all happens so quick in the blink of a second so damn scary life flashes before your eyes

  4. 0:16
    If you buy a bunch of air bags, the scrap yard is actually supposed to report you to the FBI
    Oh, and pigs can fly too.

    In all seriousness, I don't believe that's actually true.

  5. Did anybody hear that he’s gonna answer the question on everybody’s mind, and then think… wait nobody had that question

  6. I need to buy a new steering wheel cover / airbag cover because my Honda emblem is damaged. Does anyone know where I can buy that cover ? It's the same cover each of those air bags in the video have with the car emblem on them.

  7. The FBI and car dealerships should be accountable for 90% of deaths in America for false deployments just like alcohol and drugs they make legal that they do and provide to make money off of and play the point the finger at like always to make money and sell it to the public and people in the us hummm just like everything else nothing but lies

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