How far can a 10-year-old really hit a baseball?

1st Annual MJBA HR Derby (May 31, 2019) Cones along left-field foul line placed at 150′ & 250′ feet Makeshift fence/3rd base line=125′ feet Home to 2nd base=127′ feet 3 & 3/8″ inches. Home to makeshift center field fence=145′ feet The artificial turf is bouncier and hotter than Texas asphalt! 1st red cone center field est. 170′ feet HS all-star outfielder robs 10-year-old child of home run! 1st red cone left side of frame est. 270′ feet Special Thanks! Milwaukie “Mustangs” HS baseball team; MJBA HR Derby Coordinator Samantha Dickerman; Minor American Head Coach Bobby Dickerman Derby Volunteers: Rosa Gonzalez; Paul Scott; Coach Mason Scott; Joe Church & Randy Bain; MHS Baseball Coach Jordan Entrikin; MJBA Board Member Pete Cooper; Artist Rob Campbell MJBA 2019 DERBY SPONSORS: Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant; SKANSKA; Made in Milwaukie & Shirt Nerdery; PDX Designs; Maletis Beverage (Since 1935)

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