100 thoughts on “How Do Football Players Stay Warm In The Bitter Cold?

  1. I'm sure the players like cold weather. They aren't sitting all game like the fans. They're sweating in that 30 degree weather.

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  3. If you warm up right, you should be good. One day last year, my team played in San Francisco and it was probably in the 20s-30s, and it felt good to be playing because you weren't cold in your core. However, getting hit really hurt because my outside was cold. As long as the core is warm, you'll be good💯

  4. 1:50 damn.. Didn't even know such a thing existed

    I really thought they'd have a bunch of battery operated heat jackets like these

  5. Don’t even have to watch this video . If u play football homies u already know that just being out there on the field and all the adrenaline it don’t even matter .

  6. Back in HS I stayed warm cuz I played the whole game, the literal worst part was halftime, I wasn't moving anymore and my sweat would start to freeze on my skin.

  7. My cousin plays for the Texans, his game checks are $63,500 direct deposited every Monday morning during the season + an extra $24,000 per game if they make the playoffs… That's enough to keep anybody warm, shit

  8. Simple… Fucking run and hit harder, but in high school I played both defense and offense and I was on kickoff so I usually sweating my ass the whole game no matter how cold it was

  9. I put my hands in my armpits and keep my blood rushing although it is hella hard to catch in rhe cold cuz your fingers get stuck

  10. Grew up in central NY and played FB through college graduation – never found it to be an issue to have to play in the cold – even in the 20 degree days. What I hated was wet and cold together – typical November Friday night lights in HS would be low 30s, rain and muddy turf. Luckily, I played both offense and defense, as well as special teams, so I rarely came off the field. When I did get on the sidelines, I vividly remember tugging at my jersey, watching the collected steam, from the sweat and body heat, drift past my face… you’d have thought it was my breath, as it would just radiate from between my jersey and shoulder pad neck roll…. ahhh those were the days👍

  11. They wear coats when not playing

    And their body temperature rises when they’re on the field because they’re exercising

    I’ve just saved you 2 minutes and 41 seconds

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