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During the interview, Jun Mizutani said:
“Out of his 12 consecutive years, today’s final was the most difficult.” And he said if Harimoto could perform 100%,
it would be impossible for him to beat Harimoto. He said in a kind of yielding way that he
had won so many victories before Harimoto came
He almost suggested that they were of different generations. And this is true! Harimoto’s victory isn’t a coincidence. It isn’t because.. in my opinion, isn’t because
of his screaming And we’ll walk through the game and I’ll show
you why. No spin serve, Jun only lifts the ball over,
no quality Half-long serve, fast backhand topspin counter
Half-long push, setting up for forehand counter, good point
Long push usually puts you in a passive position, ineffective in men’s games
What is this no spin long high serve, clearly Jun is a bit tenser than Harimoto
Nice spiny loop with good placement but still a bit dangerous
Nice serve variation to the backhand Now this serve is better cuz it’s lower
and shorter, harder for Harimoto to add power Just like the first point, Jun losing points
on short game Jun is testing Harimoto’s forehand half-long,
he’s earned three points so far Nice change.. uhh No quality .-.
Jun changes to reverse pendulum, nice combination of forehand short then middle These slow loops at good chances for Harimoto
Dance-ish? Jun should’ve counter-looped his first loop
instead of blocking, not enough pressure put on Harimoto
This flip is just as bad as his short touches, Similar situation where Jun is blocking away from the table but Harimoto stays close to
the table: this is the new trend Nice recovery, but dangerous
Harimoto is closer to the table so his blocks are fast, forcing Jun to miss
Jun’s kinda lost here, giving away free points
Harimoto just never backs up, putting continual pressure on Jun, good reaction
Jun’s having trouble reading serves, probably because his left-handed, kinda hard to see
from that corner Notice during this rally, Jun keeps backing
up, but Harimoto continues his fast rhythm Although Harimoto lost this point, you can
see his good sense of placement, changing it up for every shot
Jun looks so passive in the game is because his forehand loops lack power and are always
countered by Harimoto. His upper arm is too close to his body so
although more consistent, there’s not enough distance to create a large torque, as I mentioned
in the “Table Tennis Secret Bible” Harimoto can add power and pace even when
blocking, this is the new trend “meet power with more power”
Without enough brush on the ball, Jun”s pushes are easily flicked with power
You can see when Harimoto is making multiple attacks, his body approaches the ball and
actually moves closer to the table for each shot, which is the opposite of what Jun is
doing Now, Jun has to take some risks, nice backhand
counter here, setting up for the kill, he needs more of this aggression
No.. not pushing long .-. He can only earn points this way, staying
close to the table and counter everything Close to the victory of third game, Harimoto
has some distracted thoughts now because a 3:0 lead is really hard to come back
Hesitation from Harimoto, deadly Another error, it’s interesting how mentality
can have such effects See this is a good short push, brushed and
controlled Jun is defending too much, now the balls are
bigger, it’s much harder to win a point by lobbing
Harimoto’s signature forehand block, kinda like smashing the ball back, puts pressure
on Jun Jun’s moving back in the rally, leaving
a larger angle to cover Harimoto can push short or flip when he receives
using backhand which is tricky, Jun doesn’t have much variety in terms of dealing with
shorts This forehand flick has absolutely no power
comparing to Harimoto’s Again, Jun backs up too much, too passive
Yet Another long push Now, Jun has no return, you can see the change
in this game Much more aggressive flick, and this one with
fake motion, NOICE Fast paced forehand attack, NOICE
He’s taking the initiative to increase pace and power before Harimoto, NOICE
Should really change his forehand stroke WOW
Long pushes make Jun’s game too passive As Jun increases his aggressiveness, his forehand stroke is losing consistency. Beautiful banana! I don’t think he won a single point lobbing, maybe one.. To conclude, Every aspect of table tennis:
short, during rallies, serves, attacks, mentality, techniques-wise – Harimoto is above Jun Mizutani
Harimoto keeps a consistent serve and uses mostly no-spin serve to control the next attack
whereas, Jun had some small errors during his service games
In terms of receiving short, Jun usually either pushes short (which really has no quality)
or pushes long (which makes him really passive) But, Harimoto has much more varietion to his
short games: he can banana flip, forehand/backhand push short, very rarely push long, and forehand
flick Most of them are of very high quality
After the short games, when it develops into a head-to-head rally,
Harimoto is always the one who initiates the attacks, who puts more power, increases the
speed/pace And he’s always the one starting to change
placement Those are advanced techniques. One biggest characteristic of Harimoto is
he stays very close to the table And he has short strokes, so that the angle
on his side is small, but he can change up the placement to let Mizutani run
You can see the balls are bigger now and it’s really hard to add a lot of power and spin
to the ball So the problem here is that Mizutani’s techniques
are outdated After the short game, he just backs up and
expects a loop-to-loop rally But Harimoto stays close to the table, Mizutani
doesn’t have the time to execute his strokes So he has to passively block those balls. And the more he blocks, the faster Harimoto
attacks So he is always on the passive side
I think what Mizutani said in his interview was his genuine feeling that there’s huge
gap between his techniques and Harimoto’s Nowadays, ball gets bigger and we don’t use
inorganic glues We need to stay close to the table and use
power to meet power We’ll develop the most advanced techniques
of table tennis on this channel together Thank you for watching!

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  1. Loved the in game analysis. Thanks for taking in everyone's suggestions!! I think Harimoto's trademark block could be called slap-block. Jun Mizutani's technique always seemed a bit restricted to me. The forehand has no room to expand. Maybe he wants to preserve any power from losing. Maybe his technique is similar to Timo Boll's technique. Thanks for the tactics and analysis video!! Keep up the good work! Waiting for the next!

  2. Ok xu xin moves back from the table but kicked harimotos ass. Dont you think it is not what kind of technique u use but about how good you are at your own technique? And not only harimotos. There are tons of people with close to the table technique and xu xin still kicks their ass. Also jun mizutani does not move back because he likes it but because he is forced to. When jun mizutani is the dominant player you dan see that he does not step back even once per game. Just the kid is in better shape reads juns serves better and deceives with his own serves. Has nothing to do with the style.

  3. I feel mizutani has so much pressure against his younger teammate and the relentless aggressive style of harimoto just creates to many return errors for mizutani putting him on the defense

  4. Bruh this channel is table tennis treasure…. I swear if I win any somewhat big comps here in Sydney Australia, ill send you the prize. XD

  5. You should take a more professional approach to your video making. Leave the memeing and joking aside. Otherwise great video!

  6. Good analysis :). Any videos on modern defenders soon? 🙂 (I know you don't like standing far from the table but modern defense is different as forcing players to play where you want to chop the ball

  7. dont you think that jun let harimoto to win? too much easy-attaking serves, passive game from jun. also, in fivth set, jun played active off tennis and had easy-win in this set? maybe they decided to create table tennis history togethe and we are all were spectators of the show?

  8. One of the better video commentaries out there – cuz you actually play table tennis and understand the mechanics.

    I however want to point out that the main reason for Jun backing up is because his backhand is not nearly as powerful as Harimoto's. Also the footwork speed and forehand/backhand exchange speed is nowhere near Harimoto's. Thus Jun had no choice but to backup, or he'll lose the points even faster.

    Related backhand point to make here: Jun simply isn't used to the backhand strong flicking/ counterlooping game – he isn't used to doing it, nor is he used to handling them. For the new style of fast exchanges, Jun is just like Ding Ning in women's table tennis – just keep the ball back on the table – and try to wear the opponent down, win with consistency, with some occasional attacks.

    On the forehand side, like you said and most ppl know, he has the "chicken wing" loop which isn't powerful enough. So backhand is lost, forehand is lost, speed is lost – there's nothing but a little mental game and experience that can help Jun. But like we all know as players ourselves – those only help so much. And those only help during critical situations, not if you are down 3-1 in sets.

    Jun knows this well – he knows his time has passed. As long as Harimoto keeps entering the Japan Nationals, Jun will never have a chance to complete his 10th trophy.

  9. What you really showed off is the weakness in Jun's game when it comes to the short game. He wins matches by being athletic and fast against most in the world and wait for mistakes (we all play this type of player every week, right?). You are right, this isn't good enough at the top level and Jun is older – maybe 6 years ago this would have been more successful.

  10. Please guys tell me what do you think about these shoes : good for table tennis, thank you so much ☺️

  11. educational🤓🤓👍👍.Would love to see a tactics video, especially returns for the pendulum serve and 3rd ball attack, placements, etc…

  12. Listening to the Japanese commentary, they have a name for Harimoto's forehand flicks: The Hari-Punch (like backhand punch)

  13. Mizutani playstyle is similar to Ma Long, mid range looping machine. However, he has no power, and this is a technical problem. He doesn't need to get stronger to have more power, he need to change his technique (which he can't because it's too late). If it was Ma Long doing those loop, it would be so powerful that Harimoto cannot counter it so easily. Harimoto is not a top player (yet) he just straight up counter anyone with not enough power like Mizutani or Boll. But Boll playstyle is super creative and hard to read, Mizutani however, does not post such a threat. You can see players with tons of power like Xu Xin or Ovtcharov beating Harimoto easily (they should enjoy those victories cuz it may not last for long). Also chopper like Joo Sehyuk can beat Harimoto easily as well.

  14. Great points thank you. As I have the same problem as Mizutani, how can we go about learning to operate close to the table? What has to happen to increase shot quality close to the table? More compact/different stroke or is it learning how to take everything off the bounce?

  15. Your "In Game" analysis is very impressive. A few more of these would be great.

    Congratulations on a unique and entertaining channel. Thanks, LA Guy

  16. Great commentary! Although I wouldn't consider Harimoto tactics modern when I played with the 30mm ball back in the 80's early 90's my style was similar. I loved staying close to the table, meeting power with more power. I would consider Harimonto of popularizing a style not commonly used in the modern era. The kid is a great player, fun to watch and learn from! 🙂

  17. Loved the video. I think the long push at 7:42 was to set up a weak loop (following his shift in tactics to be more aggressive that you pointed out) that would allow MJ to get a strong counter but was caught offguard by Harimoto's placement.

  18. Tomokazu Harimoto did beat Mizutani the 2nd Time here. Very Good Analyse also when there comes some more into play, Harimoto is also very good in faking and he is very konstant for his age so reduced to errors and very stable, so great but hard to compare with Mima Ito winning all 3 Titles, 17 years old – what is even much more stunning. Japan Youth is doing so amazing great in TableTennis atm, the gap to the chinese Elite is very small today.

  19. This is the first video of yours I've seen. That said its probably not a good idea to have the first 30 seconds of the video be the back of your head. Good analysis and style however.

  20. Harrimoto was born to Chinese parents, both are Table Tennis players. His Dad moved to Japan in 1998 to work as a coach in the Sendai City Table Tennis Centre. His mother competed at the World Championships in 1995 as a member of the Chinese National Team. Having parents with such background, it is hardly surprising that Tomokazu began playing table tennis as a two-year-old.

  21. In all fairness, Jun needs to back up, since Harimotos game at the table is much fiercer, faster and safer. That is something I notice in my own play. In that sense he would lose either way. In my view Jun needs to work on his feet and the power plus spin variation in his loop. Feet partly so that he can move in and out on in the table to keep the ball short and pick opportunities. Inavoidably he will back up but then needs that kick in his (forehand) loop to not get squashed in duels, plus he needs to vary the spin to make Harimoto second guess his lightning fast pressure blocks right off the bounce. In my opinion those half-assed serves and long pushes just makes it seem like Jun is not hungry anymore.

  22. Only problem here is when he plays Ma Long he gets his butt kicked hard, and Ma Long backs up from the table more than Harimoto. Paul Drinkhall also did a good job on Harimoto. I think the reason Harimoto can stay so close to the table is because he's a kid and he's short. And a teen, he's got tremendous energy and can move faster than adults. And being short allows him to stay closer to the table. Someone like Samsonov, or even Paul Drinkhall, has to move back further to get power because their reach is so wide.

    We'll see how well Harimoto does when he's 20 (when he's bigger and slower) and going up against Fan Zendong.

    But I give Harimoto a lot of credit. He's beating the top players of the world and doesn't have half the experience they have.

  23. honestly. the TRUTH IS. MENTALITY. I've always seen Jun Mizutani as the one who could beat the chinese but guess what. He choked a lot. He gives up easily when not ahead. I feel like he's the Xu Xin of Japan. There's always that feeling that Jun could do better and he's not reaching his full potential. I like Harimoto's fire. He plays like his whole life depends on it. You can feel that it really means a lot to him. He PLAYS WITH PURPOSE. Not just to win. It's his life. If Jun could have that fire.

  24. actually his secret is that he is even crying after he is losing the point. then the referee thinks he won the point although he hasnt.

  25. Harimoto learled disrespectful manners, which are screaming and raising one finger when he feels sorry.
    I believe Timo has same manner and it is very disrespectful.

  26. You cannot 'cho' infront of your seniors in korea, china you will get murdered, very disrespectful and brave harimoto strict heirachy you must adhere to

  27. Excellent analysis, and so we should now stay closer to the table? Interesting to note, and this may not continue, but Harimoto has some challenges with defensive players so perhaps his style is predicated on receipt of power so that he may use or borrow it as he adds his own. Are you going to do a video on teaching defense at some time?

  28. Jun Mizutani has a good sense of spin and control but his style won't work unless he adds some power. I watched a match between Liu Dingshuo and Mizutani. Mizutani understood he needs more power and added more power to his game. Now he is much more dangerous. 🙂

  29. hello can you make more match analysis i want to improve my matchplay :DD thank you for your quality videos ^^

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