How Chinese and Japanese view table tennis [Eng Sub] 中日如何解说乒乓球英文字幕

There are two most uninteresting international sports competitions. because you know the results without watching. One is Chinese Men’s soccer, the other is Chinese pingpong. The former is “can beat nobody”, the latter is “nobody can beat”. Last week at Rio Olympics, the Japanese team gave their best. But the winner was hundred times again China. People often say “China won too easily” “this is not as intense as within-team training”. That’s nonsense I tell ya, Take a look yourself, pretending to be happy is harder than winning, you see? Giving away 1 point is harder than taking 1 point you see. “Then you chop it back”
“I don’t think she can take it, it’s too short” “just give her 2 points”
“I tried, you know I did” “I was hoping she could loop me back” Inside the Chinese pingpong players’ minds, except for national anthem there is another BGM “Invincibility is full of loneliness” “Invincibility is full of emptiness” What surprised me most is that the commentators talk so differently. Chinese commentators comment the match the normal way. “great move there. it’s said that Zhang Yining puts some spin on her forehand”
“look at her forehand, she drew the spin from her waist and her arm” In Japan however, comments are jump-comic style! Let us behold! This man’s weapon is… The match-ending power drive! Reaching the top after a thousand battles… Imperial Tiger – Zhang Jike! To understand why we call him this way, watch this game: UNSTOPPABLE!!! Enjoying victory with the whole body like a roaring tiger! WTF is this! I feel the “chunichi” spirit of Japan burning! I guess this is how Japanese view the match between Zhang Yining and Fukuhara Ai Zhang Yining: Ai-chan, take this! Fukuhara Ai: Ah, this move… Could this be the legendary… What a joke, you know nothing of true power! Shit, match point again! I’m forced into a corner! I’m the best female player of Japan my whole life. This is a duel where I fight for the honor of my generation. It’s not the ball I’m pushing but the tragic fate or never winning a world championship! Blood-wheel eye, open! How can I not feel your sadness, Ai-chan? When soccer, basketball and track-and-field are all dominated by western nations, Pingpong is where we sweep away the other big powers. But our selection is the ultimate Battle Royale. Do you know how many of our greatest players stopped at provincial level, never getting a chance to compete internationally? The scarlet on my racket is not rubber, but the entire life-blood of those who fell! Dammit! Wha- what? I cannot lose! Because we are the people of the dragon, and pingpong embodies the ambition of our nation’s return to glory! Lushan Rising Dragon’s Smash! Is it… over already… Pingpong… What an interesting sport… Subtitles brought to you by: MLK Sub
Video brought to you by: Baozou Comics

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