So this is our world’s largest indoor mega. Golf course homemade everything Wow to be what is up funk fam Sorry, I dropped the camera that I have Corey Funk in this is capron funk Cool, so we’re out back right now and a couple days ago We bought these scooters for seven bucks. You can get a lot so guys. Let’s see a couple tricks Hey Kevin, would you have a throwing composition see how far we can throw get a good old wind up, you know what I’m saying All right, Oh y’all came in not in the pool paper. We’re moving out that means papa mom I’m gonna have to grab it okay guys, so we’re we’re currently gonna be looking for houses Tomorrow that has nothing to do with today, but let’s move on to today um I have bought multiple miniature Golf courses to do handstands on here, so we have this we have that we have one outside We have another one in that box We have another than that box So we’re gonna set all of that up and get it ready to play a little bit of miniature golf inside of our house. Oh Show me what we did yesterday all the recent video go sure, okay? We filled that trampoline with a hundred and sixty thousand basically a million balls in our trampoline And it is so sick guys if you haven’t seen the yesterday’s video. Please go check it out The link is up there or the clicking thingy. I’m going to Do a funky challenge which I haven’t done in a long time I have one in the back of my phone from a fan that gave it to me and told me he wanted me to do It so I have to read that today I love you. Oh It’s a little funky challenge hey, he gave this to me like a month ago, so ok – Cory I dare you to jump in the pool Oh Yeah, bite sure lets you I can see your boobies Wow, you subscribe right now what everyone comment down below some vodka challenges for us to do on the spot like that There’s so fun to do have you ever seen us a person I want you to write It down put it in the back here phone case who never meet us give it to us And then possible you can do it. I like that that’s personal don’t make him too. Gnarly like just make them reasonable Yeah, you know like jump in the pool like throw a beach ball You brother’s head Or you know smack his butt ah but like don’t say like hey Funk pros go to the top of your ceiling and do a double front flip on your scooter and land on the ground Yeah, we can’t do stuff like this. We’ll die you don’t want us. Dead. Hope not that’d be weird How was the water Brock? This is Landon? He’s a good friend all right like I told each and every single one of you that we are making a miniature golf course But there is one really really huge thing out of this entire video. It’s hard Yeah Our dad is basically a professional golfer. He didn’t go professional because he wouldn’t get to spend a lot of time with us So thank you pop. I love you so much for that but because he’s a professional golfer We’re gonna set this entire miniature. Golf course inside of his room oh Yeah, there’s a phone case is also available for white shipping link at the top of the ocean. Let’s go Basically wrapping up the last shot, and we have our awesome miniature Golf course all the way completed And I’m gonna take you guys a little tour through it and now we’re getting the the best Club there as possible That’s my dad’s professional putt-putt club whole one You’re clapping ha ha Ok so there’s been a lot of time and effort put into this course And I just really want to thank everyone that helped and all for Amazon for priming it over to us And Oh time for Oh time for a whole one Okay Holy boy yes, okay, well, I’m going number two so I need a wipe I got my pro club on right now So we got to take this nice casing And I hope this prop was gonna be at you know you’re gonna be that pissed I mean we put a miniature golf course in this house using me so happy. He’s like yes I’d be able to practice every day, so uh it’s time. It’s ready Taylor I’m gonna put this hey if you guys want to join us don’t forget to squash it like button Boyd the dog voice Can you avoid them koi with all those distracting? Wow week is gonna be a workout Bros Alright next was the only hole you can make it in it wow great job Cory I basically have four I’m at four right now Joe What you’re on a bounce This is the hole okay? Hey you’re a bounce again, okay? I Call you do The course off lands, but make it Trash Cory trash I’ll do the next hole Cory my club down Big shot quite a great formation Well what’s that? That’s two and then with the water like just another three and four so I got like a 12 m16 oh Yeah, yeah boy no Yeah You know I built this for you. Oh It’s a miniature. Golf course. It is it starts in your room. Hey. I don’t know Nice you got a hole-in-one. Yeah, well taking it – so this is our world’s largest indoor mega Golf course homemade everything and this is our spinning fan. We have five holes here, and we’re gonna start at this one huge awesome Golf Club We’re not coming anymore hey, I want everyone to answer the poll at the top Do you want to be a part of this you want to like hang out and like do this miniature golf course it looks like Possibly the spinning Fair It was that no one I was bagging the whole There you go hold number three, this is the most death-defying hole of all of them, it’s got the spinning fan Where there’s bang hand to the hole? Oh Heck yeah, she said you wanted a puppy. I got a puppy there’s This is impossible Wait up alright came dad who’s next? We could beat that we could be louder now we Might have to give it a puss No ha what do I go now? Okay? Thank you? What this is rigged? I don’t want to play this game this game rigged You made a hole into I was so I was so close to okay, okay? Yo again This game is rigged This was a really hard part for me, dude. Don’t worry What now that was British okay Yeah You brought the fan awesome good job man. Good job. Okay? Now you have to make your body in the ball pit It was clear down to that really dude, okay, bye Landon. Hey who’s next better. No golfer Careful before I take this fat number to make sure you subscribe for more number-one videos like this whole let’s go let’s go Ok Middle and one oh, that’s what I Hit it hit it hit it Nice these are professional golfers you can tell he’s laying down this club Lee it’s professional Jimmy’s gonna win this one especially with that last shot that was really good anywhere. Just have with that last shot. It was really good Alright, I guess he’s starting on the next course Yeah You know chairman He’s a wah What does that have it I Count that The winner for sure you definitely won that everyone knows that capering got way better shots and anybody did over that entire course As anybody else would like to try the miniature golf boys All right this is fun. Thank you so much for watching a really really good course I really hope this is uh up to par also Yeah, I really want to thank swag boy for I turn on this post notifications. It really means a lot to us really Trog boys Yeah, he’s our friend, and thank you everyone for watching this this course took a little bit of time. Thank you a Professional amateur papa funk for attending and playing with us you guys enjoyed this video Please give it a huge thumbs up which we call squashing, so please squash. I like button and We will see you next time from fans. Thank you so much for watching

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