HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Football scores 31 straight to top RPI

now third and six at the engineer 34
they bring a running back back in now Hefner two men left one right Hoffman to
throw shoulder fake sets up throws the out far side and trying to tiptoe the
sidelines did he hang on Claude Lee did oh what a great play and the RBI bench
is having a fit well by 30 I can’t believe that call
they said Conley kept his foot in bounds for the first down and the rpi bench is
having a nutty and Hoffman with Hefner on his left they show blitz three-man
front they bring a linebacker in zone read handoff start and stop after cuts
back right breaks free to the five Hefner in the end zone touchdown he
broke a couple of tackles Brian Hefner touchdown Hobart and they take the lead
double wings to the right this is more like the old fashioned formation and
they’ll go on the jet sweep and he wants to throw Malik Kelly back to the end
zone and caught for a touchdown Malik Kelly took Vinnie McDonald
end-around pass touchdown RPI now defense pointing to someone moved ref
says no Hoffman throws out far side it is caught Giacobbe smart off his man 40
there he goes Giacobbe to the 20 to the 10 to the end zone
touchdown 65 yards Mike Giacobbe no flags
Merinopolis takes the snap straight drop looking middle throws middle to high
intercepted at the 47 yard line it’s McCoy almost had one he’s got this
one and Hobart’s got the ball back no flags that’s awesome tell where the
rush is gonna come from they bring heavy Rush he’ll throw to the back of the
endzone knuckleball leaping catch and touchdown Mike Giacobbe with a fantastic leaping grab touchdown Hobart snap he’s gonna run to the far side
keeps it five turns the corner guys did he get there official says touchdown David Krewson
Haeffner running back they have two receivers near side and back to throw
that way he’s going for Conley open has it 50 yard line
there goes Conley to the 30 to the 25 and steps out of bounds inside the
25-yard line no flag first downs right at the 25 35 yard
attempt good snap kick is on the way and the kick is good Hobart has some impressive long
field drives today Marinopolis blitz he’s lit up by Ford recovered by Hobart
he’s and that Ford crushed him and he’s down
oh man did he get little up fumble too recovered by Yves Montissol an uncovered
Emmett Ford came in and just absolutely tore up George marinopolis he’s up and
walking off the field on third down and five two men left one to the far side
right third and five to fifteen low snap has to float it again left side of the
end zone leaping try and touch down Conley another great leaping grab the old line was doing
really good job holding their blocks Hoff had a lot of time to throw the ball
and we were just getting open the receivers we have a great group of guys
the receiver help each other out open up routes for each other and it was
the pass was there all day clearly we showed it we wanted to bounce back from
last week we made a couple mistakes on offense but overall I think we all
played very well very good game I think we just had a good game plan going in
obviously practice was really good this week and I think we just came out ready
to play I think we had a lot of energy from the first kickoff and it just
carries through to the end of the game yeah I was excited to see that our guys
responded from last week’s setback I had a really good week of preparation I
thought between the coach and staff the players we quickly erased last week’s
game learned from some of the mistakes we made and thought came forward and
really put all three phases together to beat a really good solid steady RPI team
at home and the score wasn’t quite indicative you know as we were subbing
some guys in at the end but I’d like to see that you know the defense really was
setting the tone early offense capitalized on that and we made some
good special teams keys to put that together for the full team victory

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