HitTrax at Baseball Rebellion

Hey guys, I’m Chas Pippitt. I’m the CEO of Baseball Rebellion I wanted to take just a minute to talk to you about HitTrax and why we use so much HitTrax technology here at Baseball Rebellion. Every single ball that’s hit here at Baseball Rebellion is tracked by HitTrax It gives us the exit velocity, the launch angle, Maxes, averages everything we could possibly want. The best part is it tracks it over time so we can take a player in January of this year and show them, him or her how they’ve improved from then to now. In real time the hitter gets to see exactly what happens on every single hit and then over time we can go back into the back of the HitTrax, we can talk about their percentile rank in the country, We can show how their max is improved by percentage, by actual miles per hour, by distance and the HitTrax measures up to 1/100 of a foot and a 100th of a mile an hour So even the smallest incremental improvement when somebody gets to the highest level, that’s what we can track as well So we always know if what we’re doing is actually making the hitter better. We prove improvement here at Baseball Rebellion and with HitTrax we can do that every single day.

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