Hit in the Nuts in Baseball

in baseball basically they’re attempting
a pickup mover the runner on first base and it’s the lead off then i think your
picture you gotta come to us at this issue and that is so different home
before the first to try and secure it out uh… so this is the result of what chocolate off-topic so the circuit boards and for driving deduction his reaction to
that looks like if there was a little ball or he just
has like the toughest balls cover to take a look forward and that is
requiring companies he brought the is these if this goes all playing how his ir on into what happened since the
enough and there’s no need to sell that with the removal of them that alex painful if that yes and you’ve got to be so bad that if
you’re in the picture we need to look at this point dylan utility average that there’s an apologetic here
incompleteness the focus of this first baby riding with his apartment hahahaha you i mean i booked mrs completely painful for guys i’ll never dealt with it what
it feels like for uh… you people uh… but um… what
what do you i i did that as a joke uh… but does it hurt as much seriously
i don’t know either because i’m never know it’s like for you people but it’s
still too painful hoping that you still happily computed by one right there you
don’t have the balkans convicted on them like abolish extant all the magic doesn’t mean the same way
pride in her ads that let me ask you a question does
one ear testicles look bigger than the other after this happens yes it does you have any could sympathize yeah have become a supposedly ever happened
you read the headlight back by about a baller something yeah resistant when i situation hoped that the yap what was the
situation that happen he read the play-by-play well i don’t remember like cancerous and
somebody’s passing you know to get in front of that lake you can always get
the ball exactly where you want you don’t have time and instead of waking up
in the chest or whatever if you can cry jenna yet which is a copy of because of the
pubic bone can you have like maggie’s going again
and arizona yet you’re right have like feed the bald to
get in the way of the kindergarten so you never know what it feels like to
take the cuban we do have the following behavior because it’s always a slight
all they got my balls hurts so bad here okay here’s here’s a really quick story
pretends britain cowlings does that look here’s a story
summers evans in college right basically he was in college and a he was softball slo pitch and dude at the plate the better hits the ball goes rightness that’s off and my dad is is that down for the
camera and he goes to the hospital the college
hospital and he goes it coming up one of those by
probably or balls worth and he goes to the hospital synthesis
about said that set the badlands eliminated budget not particularly those
of the hospital fitness guide who made it said there’s
like amount for the content of the race this
is not but like it he said like this guy
probably didn’t know much anyways he was this chinese guy and stay on
three any he s and not and so if he says paul it doesn’t look good dot that’s will go to have to cut it out completed his little what independent-minded compliment italy
falls my grandfather back my grandfather his dad and he goes they say that company mobile what what
what it would hurt their made my grandfather who was like a hard aspect
of the day’s he’s like but most connelly personal because delaware usa call home
and i said it so that’s what he did not like he did this one does not think i
think that i don’t think i donno if there’s we have to cut it or not to be
alive and can and yeah all were glad to hear what statements
pretty light persistent further while

83 thoughts on “Hit in the Nuts in Baseball

  1. I don't have a problem with Lisa as a person but you shouldn't have someone on as a guest on a sports show if you have to explain to them what a pick off is.

  2. The same reason I'm a guy and I know if I was a pregnant woman and someone womb punched me it would probably be very painful.

  3. I'm not even a woman but I know that it doesn't hurt a woman near as much as a man. If it did they would also puke from the pain.

    Also great clip!

  4. Had to be a cup. No way you take a hit like that and don't go down if you are not wearing a cup. … That or he's an android from the future and doesn't have balls.

  5. Agreed, although in their defense the topic they cover doesn't necessarily require knowledge of sports to talk about it, so it kinda works.

  6. He could. We just don't know. Go all Sherlock Holmes and crack the case of the nutshot in amateur ball!


  7. Basketball, Baseball, Fooball, Soccer/Footy, Hockey, Boxing, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Luge, etc…


  8. The video thumb is a guy getting crotch-grabbed by a player, the actual video is a guy getting hit in the crotch with a ball. Its not the same thing.

  9. You are so ignorant and you have no idea what it feels like for a woman. Don't ever compare pain unless you have both genitalia….it just makes you look stupid. *smh*

  10. Girls you just dont understand.. Yes child birth and bones are very painful (bone not so much..) but getting hit in the balls is like, imangine if you had a pair of balls, you know what they look like. When you get hit hard its instant paralyzed and then when youre down and able to think again you feel like you've been stabbed by several knives simultaneously and then you get this sick feeling in your stomach and you want to throw up and can hardly breathe.

  11. I dont think I could even thoroughly describe how different this pain is from actual physical pain ( if that makes sense?) I've seen my child's Mother get socked extremely hard in her crouch and it hurt her for a second then she was just pissed running after the person… So I feel you really just dont understand how bad it is.. You wanna put a big ass attacking guy down? Kick him in nads and run.. Its that devasting..

  12. You can't read very well can you? Or perhaps you have poor comprehension skills. Whatever the case may be, your response made absolutely no sense because you missed the point entirely.

  13. Actually you missed the point! Kind of hard to argue a point you aren't even sure of the answer isn't it? Lmao owned!!!!

  14. I can see you're clearly mentally challenged, or are you just a child? You don't have the slightest idea what I'm saying. And as for being "owned," you've successfully made yourself look stupid multiple times. It's obvious you just want attention little boy, and I refuse to give you anymore. Good day.

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