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football is one of the if not the oldest
sport in human history the history of football can be dated back to Greeks and ancient Romans that used to play sports that involved the
use of their feet harpastum a roman sport is believed to have been derived from a Greek game known as Episkyros FIFA the international governing body
of football, adopted Episkyros and recognized it as an early from football while the earliest form of football CUJU that was played by Chinese soldier as a form of training exercise during 3rd
and 2nd century BC but the modern day sport football that we know today was flourished in Britain during eighteenth and nineteenth
century and is an organized form of many of the regional versions that were played in British Isles according to the rules of which any mean could be Employed to get the ball to its goal gold believe me if that has been the case today football would have be a very different sport size and weight of football was first standardized in 1863 the game between London and Shellield in 1866 was the first game when duration of 90 minutes was prearranged
which later became anv standard the standard pitch size is 110 by 70 yards and the standard goal post size is 8 by 24 feet the standard football in 27-28 inches in circumference and weighs around 410-450 grams and is filled with air to a pressure of 8.7 -16.1 psi at sea level thank you for watching until next time keep learning
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