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I’m super proud of
my Hispanic heritage. I’m really proud of being part
of the Latin Community. I’m proud of
my Hispanic heritage. I’m really proud
of being Mexican. Colombian. Salvadorian. Bolivian. Cuban. Ecuadorian. Guatemalan. I’m a Mexican-American
from East L.A. I’m proud of being Latin
and Hispanic, because… From the time you are young, they
teach you how to sing and dance. Everything is better
with music and dancing It’s the type of music that makes
you dance no matter where you are. Salsa… Cumbia. Reggaeton. We celebrate
absolutely everything. We’re always partying and
We never stop The party never ends! Our cuisine is absolutely amazing. The food is delicious, spicy,
interesting, complicated. It’s the type of food
that makes you… It makes your mouth water
just thinking about it. I love pupusas. Homemade tortillas
and tamales. Ají de gallina,
Cau cau, lomo saltado. Delicious, delicious,
delicious. And best of all,
we know how to share. When you’re walking on the street
and we’re having a carne asada party, we’ll be like, “Hey stranger,
are you hungry? Come over”. One thing that makes me proud
is the warmth of the people. Hispanic people are the most
charismatic I have ever known. They are always available
to help everyone We have a different heart. It’s full of love,
strength, and passion. That passion lets us
laugh at ourselves during the most difficult
moments of our lives. I feel like coming from
a small country like mine, really makes you humble and grateful for all
the opportunities you are given. We are independent
hard working people. And we come in all
shapes and sizes. Being Hispanic makes you
feel part of one big family. Your home is my home , that’s what we say,
and it’s true. The union of the Hispanics is something unique. We move the world. The one who taught me to be most
proud of my heritage is my mother. My father. My uncle. My aunt has made me
super proud or my heritage. My grandfather. My grandmother. My grandmother,
my grandma. My grandmother came to
the United States at age 13. When she first came here
she had absolutely nothing. My father worked three jobs
to support us. Two kinds under two. He potentially
risked his life, just so he could have better,
because he knew there was more. They were able to
give me a better life. They grasped
the American dream. My mom used to say me,
“Who fights, wins”, which means, when
you work and fight, and you put your full heart
into something you care about, you’ll see the hard
work pay off. Impossible is nothing,
and nothing is impossible. There is nothing
like Hispanics. That’s why I’m proud
of being Mexican. I’m proud to be
Nicaraguan and Mexican. I’m proud to be
Uruguayan. Puerto Rican. Venezuelan. Salvadoran. Dominican American. Colombian. Peruvian. Bolivian. And I scream loud,
“We can do it.” All of us, together we can do it. Be proud of who you are. Happy Hispanic Heritage Month.

13 thoughts on “Hispanic Heritage Month 2018 | Estamos Orgullosos | Latino Pride | Cricket Wireless

  1. Absolutely love this Cricket Wireless. Growing up Hispanic with light skin is often strange, but once you learn to embrace your culture and tradition, you get a lot more out of life.

  2. I’m always proud of who I am. I’m Mexican and nobody can’t tell me I won’t be anything, us Mexicans made this place a home we made this place brighter.

    Yo soy de México y soy feliz de ser Mexicana

  3. This is a fantastic mesagge! Thank you Cricket wireless! I am proud to be Hispanic! Cuban and Puerto Rican! and American!

  4. Me encanta este video, lo estoy utilizando este ano con mis estudiantes durante la Celebracion de la Herencia Hispana. Me ayuda a inculcar a mis estudiantes latinos a tener orgullo de quien son y de donde son sus padres!! Todos nosotros estamos muy orgullosos de ser Hispanos.

  5. Who cares. This is what diversity gives us. People who think being a race means something. We are all hard working people? Thats a bit racist.

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