HIGHLIGHTS: Tom Sox vs Rebels

And a very good evening to you it’s PJ and
Mike coming to you from C-Ville Weekly Ballpark here in Charlottesville Virginia for the season
home opener for the Charlottesville Tom Sox taking on the New Market Rebels Pitch from Sweeney Chopped to the shortstop Lopez, over to second
for one wide first and out of play Stock will take second base and the Tom Sox score a run
for a one nothing lead That one’s crushed crushed to deep center
so deep it’s gone! Home run D’Alessandro and that is an absolute
no-doubter I mean that thing went straight bomb out to center field
Here’s the pitch from Miller it’s gonna be a chopper that’s gonna get through the third
base side one run’s gonna score two runs are gonna score Throw over to third that is gonna get him New Market getting aggressive on the base
path here Mike but it didn’t pay off for them this time
Pitch from Reed… That’s gonna get through right up the middle
that’s gonna score one run and that is gonna score two runs so a two-RBI single from Will
Allocca Pitch from Reed that one is lifted into left
field Parker ranging under he’s got it runners are gonna tag and they call him safe at third
Pitch from Reed that one is dropping into center field two more runs are gonna score
for the Tom Sox so credit Stock with a 2-RBI single an 8-2 lead now and things aren’t getting
easier for Reed Here’s the delivery that was cracked Harrison
ropes that one into left field and that’s a two-run jack Jalen Harrison with a three-run
home run UVA boys doing some work tonight so the Tom Sox pile it on in the 5th they
extend the lead 11-2 here in the 5th inning 2-2 pitch shot right up the middle and that
one’s gonna squirt through and it’s also gonna score a run RBI single for D’Alessandro
Here’s the pitch it’s gonna be a chopper to third baseman Whitley making the throw over
to first and that’s there in time but another run crosses the plate for the Tom Sox 13-2
the score Swing and a miss down on strikes is Moore
Pitch to Lopez it’s a wild pitch this gets away from Allocca and a run’s gonna score
3-2 swing and a miss and that is gonna do it here in Charlottesville a good offensive
showing for the Tom Sox here in their home opener and first win of the season for the
Tom Sox their record goes to 1-1 New Market drops to 0-2 on the season

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