HIGHLIGHTS | Ole Miss vs. MSU 5 – 8 (Game 2) – 5/11/19

[upbeat music] More rain today in
Oxford, Mississippi, but for now, it looks
like Mother Nature is going to cooperate as we
get set for game number two between Mississippi State
and Ole Miss. From Oxford-University
Stadium at Swayze Field. Currently SEC Western
Division Standings. LSU gets a win
today over Arkansas. Razorbacks take two of three. So Mississippi State one
back in the loss column. Ole Miss two back in the loss
column behind the Razorbacks. Will make it his
10th start here. In case he’s really
worked off that fastball, 88 to 92 miles an hour. He does have a good
offspeed pitch. Low 80s breaking ball,
really tough on left-handers. In Knoxville against Tennessee. [crowd clapping] Fly ball to center. Josh Hall will backpedal
into the warning track, and make the catch, deepest
part of the ballpark. 1-1 pitch. Keenan has that one drop
in between the outfielders and then it gets by Mangum and now Keenan trying
to hustle to second. He’ll get in with what I assume
is gonna be scored a double. I don’t think Mangum
ever touched it. Had his feet kind of
go out from under him and then the ball
skidded past him. Not a spin established yet. This ball lifted into the right center field
gap, that’s a base hit. Keenan comes around to score. Thomas Dillard gonna slam
on the brakes at third. Then a back throw. They tried to back pick him as he took a pretty
aggressive turn. An RBI single in a hitter’s
count for Cole Zabowski. Ball lined into center field,
it’ll fall in front of Mangum. Another run comes home to score
and then it gets by Mangum and allows Zabowski
to go first to third. Full count from
Nikhazy, in the dirt. Run comes home to score,
good and bad for Westburg. [crowd booing] Now two to one as
Skelton comes home. Halter goes to third,
Gilbert to second, and Westburg picks up
his 48th RBI of the year with a full count walk. Check swing, Nikhazy
comes home for one, to first in time
for the double play. [cheering] What you’ve done, what
your opponent has done, what your opponent’s
opponents have done. Another 2-2 pitch, chopper up
the middle, chance for two, right on top of the bag,
there’s a double play, but a run comes home to
score, and we are tied at two. This time Zabowski lays
off, gets to the backstop, run comes home. Full count, ball put in play
with the shortstop covering, and it works to perfection. A hit and run and Ole Miss
has runners at the corners. Ground ball right side. Mississippi State
gonna try to turn two. No chance, run
comes home to score. They get the lead
runner at second base. [cheering] Kevin Graham scores the run. New pitcher in the
game for Ole Miss. Night is done for Doug Nikhazy. Austin Miller, 25th
appearance of the season. He’s 4-0, 2.09 earned run
average, 48 strikeouts, 13 walks. This ball hit into center field. Josh Hall on the run, reaches
up, it’s over his head, and then kicks way off the wall. Dustin Skelton got a late jump but he’ll be able to
score without a throw. And it’s now a
one run ball game. Mangum ahead in the count, 2-1. And he hits it past the
first baseman, Kevin Graham. Gunner Halter comes
around to score. We are tied at four. Ball gets away and that allows
Mangum to grab an extra base. Parker Caracci on to
pitch for Ole Miss. The junior from Jackson inherits
a mess here in the bottom, or excuse me, the top
of the seventh inning. Making his 17th
appearance of the year. 32 strike outs, 10
walks this season. Caracci, bases
loaded, nobody out. It’s lined into center field,
a base hit for Tanner Allen. Marshall Gilbert
comes around to score. Mangum comes around to
score without a throw. And Mississippi State has played
it four to take a 6-4 lead in the top of the seventh
still with nobody out. Certainly they’ve
done that this inning. This ball lined to left and that’s gonna turn
out to be a big play. Westburg comes around to
score, so does Foscue. Mississippi State has scored
now five in the inning. This ball lifted to
right, will it stay fair? Yes. Falls in in the
right field corner. Thomas Dillard gonna try to
score all the way from first. The throw to the plate, in
plenty of time, Dillard is out. What a play by
Mississippi State. Junior from Houston, Texas. Tyler will come in, and, try to serve a little bit
better than his counterparts, Austin Miller and
Parker Caracci, did. 16 appearances, which is
second-most on the team, for the Rebel bullpen. He’s got two more
hits in this ballgame including an RBI double
in the seventh inning. So 3-4-6 on the weekend. He grounds it to short, Kessinger throws
from his rear end. One hop to first in
time to get the out. What a play. Kaleb Hill, the freshman
from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, comes into the game. Hill is making his 10th
appearance of the season. Came back to tie
it up and send it to extra innings
against Ole Miss. This ball grounded left side,
goes to second for the lead, to first in time
for the double play. Five to four to three. For a moment it
looked like Gilbert might just throw to first
to be sure of the out. He’s able to get
Kessinger at second, they roll it up in the middle, and Mississippi State
wins the series. It’s their fourth SEC
road series win this year.

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  1. Coach B must have rolled his eyes at this onslaught..least some Pitchers got to throw some real innings…

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