HIGHLIGHTS | Ole Miss defeats Florida 12 – 4 (Game 1) – 4/5/19 #WAOM #FinsUpRebels

You’re watching college baseball on the SEC Network and
oh what a marquis matchup we have for you tonight between two championship caliber
programs, the Florida Gators,
winners of the last two SEC regular season championships
against last year’s SEC tournament
champions from Ole Miss. When you take a look at
the updated SEC standings as we start the weekend,
you see the Gators over in the East three games out
of 1st, while Ole Miss is tied for 5th with Mississippi State in the
West. Well tonight, Will
Ethridge will get the start for Mike Bianco’s bunch,
his 7th of the season. Now he was tagged for the
loss last Friday night in Fayetteville, but he has had
himself an outstanding season. You know, Will Ethridge, a guy I just love to watch pitch,
big league-caliber pitcher, fast ball 90-to-94 in a
three-pitch mix that he can truly throw all
three in the strike zone: fast
ball, slider, change up. That’s unsettling and unnerving
for a batter in that box to not know what he’s gonna
throw next. The only senior in this starting
lineup tonight for the Gators. A smash- that’s Servideo
who puts it over to Graham and a line out double play,
to end the top of the 1st. …are gonna be hard hit balls through the infield, just like
that. And Ethridge has just
picked off Will Dalton. [crowd cheering] McConnell… it’s McConnell as he laces one
down the right field line and that
will plate a pair of Gators. And Florida takes the
two-nothing lead on McConnell’s. If you’re gonna be successful
against this ballclub, you’ve got to
get outs where you get them. Johnson’s throw down to 2nd is
in time! Oh, does Cooper Johnson have a
cannon! …in this inning. Keenan…lifts one to deep left
field and we’ve got a tie ball game! Tyler Keenan, one of the top RBI
hitters in the entire country has struck
again, his 9th home run of the season. [crowd cheering and clapping] He’s got three back-to-back
hits, man, let your lineup work for
you. Cole Zabowski, another
big stick of the lineup, you see here a deep fly
ball, it’s gonna keep going! And it’s outta here! [crowd cheering] Zabowski dialing long distance, second bomb of the inning and the Rebels have their
first lead of the night. [crowd cheering and clapping] Tyler Myers completing his
warm-up tosses, the new pitcher for the Rebels, the junior out of Houston,
Texas. He has had himself a
terrific season so far, making his 10th appearance of
the year, and ERA of 2.65 through 17
innings pitched and he has thrown 10
straight scoreless innings. And Keenan this time
to right center field. [crowd cheering] And Clement’s gonna ask Olenek
to score, the throw to the plate is dropped by Smith, and Olenek scores. That one gets past Smith and Kessinger will score. Five-two, Ole Miss. And Johnson delivers! Keenan scores, Dillard
scores, seven-two, Ole Miss. …by a combined score of 34 to
6, the Gators had big win
against Florida State, and they just got a big fly
ball there, by Brady Smith. And Smith’s home run has cut
the lead to seven to three. …a lot of his outs were ground
balls and his hits were right
through the infield. Now Myers a lot of his
pitches are up in the zone, you see deep fly balls like
this. And McConnell knocks one out of
the park. The 2nd of the inning for the
Gators, it’s seven-four. Good things happen
when you hit the baseball, whether that be a hit or
just putting it in play, hitting’s contagious and good
things and breaks fall for you, just
like this, getting guys in scoring
position. …have yet to figure out. And Olenek sends one
deep to left center field it’s gonna go to nearly the
track, plenty deep enough to score
Servideo, and the sac fly by Olenek gives
the Rebels the five-run cushion. There go the runners and
there goes the baseball, see you later! Cooper Johnson, a three-run
jack, and it’s 12-4, Rebels. [crowd cheering and clapping] …no doubt…and that
is Keenan to his left, and that will do it. Ole Miss wins it. Game one of this best of
three in impressive fashion over Florida and congrats to
Mike Bianco, that’s 300 and counting
in his career in the SEC.

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