100 thoughts on “High-Stakes Street Football in New York City: KOTU (Episode 4)

  1. Thats what the media does. Thats what production company's do. "Stretch" shit out. If they didn't, they wouldn't be in business. This shit is fire. Better then watching them corny reality shows that are scripted, these days.

  2. stop it wit this 2 hand touch stuff and come to jersey and lets get a real game wit yall…check the video i jus posted…we're in blue

  3. Disrespect in the comments man, most of these aren't even fat. Smh I think lots of you are jealous and just miss playing football or something.

  4. Why is 90% of this video in ducking slo-mo??
    Goddamn the pros don't even use this much slo-mo.
    Tryin to be Zack Snyder or something

  5. I get it, there is a time for play but where is the work? Gentrification is being turnt all the way the fuck up to price Blacks out of the NY. And we playing games. But good luck.

  6. bunch of washed up nobody's who smoke weed and get drunk. these niggahz holding on to the past. " I was scouted by 51 schools" lol that's like me saying Yo I went to the bar and all the Bitches were looking at me.

  7. Damn I played at AIC in 2015, great experience. Loved the school, AFC is my kinda team. Being a Kid from Flatbush bustin my ass and becoming an Officer in the Marine Corps. It's not about where you start it's about where you end up, but where you start gives you bragging rights.

  8. This is fucking corny getting all hype and shit over two hand touch.Play some semi pro and then you can act all bad and actually play real football.

  9. So everybody's a receiver? Fuck that. Put three down linemen on each side of the ball, plus a tight end on the offensive side. And the QB needs to be rushed every play. And I hate two hand touch. Stop being a bunch of pussies. You can tackle without pads. In fact it's the pads that make the game a lot more dangerous. Rugby players don't need pads to tackle and neither do you.

  10. 6:04

    "Hey, you wanna be down with the…"
    "No I'm good"

    Ohhh, so there is a choice people can make. Respect to him and his family, great role model.

  11. bro dont you dare call BWOOD HOLLIS. flagship is in briarwood queens or jamiaca that shit aint nowhere near hollis

  12. I was different when I was 18 LMAO., Still struts aboot like a cock robin 18 year old. Men lose the baseball cap hesse.AFC the cleanest team, rest are just headshop boys….V

  13. They should do this all season long it shouldn’t just be two days they should get 4 to 8 more teams and make it a season obviously less money each games each team gets but if they have people like Deff jam sponsoring the two days then they can get other people to sponsors the season games I think that Would be awesome I would go and watch the games

  14. I think this is awesome. I worked love to get back into it and come play edith you guys. I was an excellent safety growing up, but wanted to play running back so bad, as3 my hero growing up since 1980, 7 years of age but EXTREMELY smart, as you can probably already tell and I'll solidify my words but saying that my hero growing up was Tony Dorsett.
    See I told you
    I played Pop Warner Football growing up, I ewas ok, kinda timid, Caucasian hahahahaha!
    "Im pretty damn fast for Caucasian"
    If any of you know what moxie that's from and who says it, gets bonus points goes the night!!
    Then girl's and drugs came along I end up not going forward into high school football and have been regretting it here and there. I think honestly I could've maybe had a decent collegiate career.
    I was and still am very very athletic. I have good hands and very quick off the line, and that holds up still to this day. I beat 20 year olds off the line ti this dau. Thre problem is that I have lost the little bit of speed I once had. Like I said, i just gotta get into it again. I know i can still play, rough too.
    It wasn't too long ago when this White Boy played with a group of mostly Samoan and Black guys.
    This White boy here, RIGHT HERE, ended up with 5 touchdowns, an elbow hard to my middle back area, a DECLEATER, with my boss witnessing all this says……..oh shit!! I gotta go, I can't be here while this goes on. I was parallel to the ground, my head hits first and I look to see who got me, I saw my buddy Maurice, Staley 5'10. 5' 9 Black guy. I think he wanted to get me because his chick he was going for at work liked me instead,Hahahahahaha! No lie, not yelling to accentuate the my story.
    When I saw the title of the video I thought you guys we actually playing on the streets
    We did that in parking lots of my old apartment complex. They had the long ass 150 yards or so parking lots that were nearly perfect…. and YES FULL ON TACKLE, right there on the blacktop the speed bumps acted as our goal lines and 50 yard market. We had great times. Good players too in the neighborhood

    The NFL today is kinda like Neighborhood football was, where each new day you played, you always ended up with players scrambled around
    I actually hate free agency be cause of that. The NFL is not what it used to be
    But any how I think what you're doing is great. I know it's so much fun. Im glad that I have a knowledge of the greatest team sport they're is. The ULTIMATE TEAM GAME American Football.

  15. AFC is hated cuz they're the only team whose players have real jobs, not drug dealers, or "gangstas" ….and 6'12??? Thats why you play street ball.

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