100 thoughts on “HE’S A HOT BASEBALL PLAYER | our first Halloween party

  1. Happy Tuesday everyone. We're back! We hope you all had a nice weekend and some of you had a long weekend. If you aren't familiar with Husband and Husband or Jonathan and Aaron, you should be. They have been such wonderful friends since we've been in Portland. When we first met for pizza and drink, the conversation just flowed. Yes, we do have different things that interest us but that's the beauty in a friendship. They have been great role models for us because we do look up to their relationship. We can't thank them enough for making us feel so welcomed here in Portland, Oregon.

  2. Olá rapazes
    Uma festinha da hora pizza brincadeiras e fantasias
    Vocês são muito legais
    E no final tem os erros de gravação
    Realmente cada vez melhores
    Forte abraço

  3. I heard russian bye-bye (до свидания)when you were leaving the part, didn`t I ? at 10:06–10:09

  4. Good video. Seems like you guys enjoyed Aaron and Jonathon's party. Interesting insights starting from 11:05. Seems like moderate social anxiety plus introversion makes for a pretty compatiable couple in terms of social activities. Deciding to "get out there" more often could be a path to personal growth, both individually and as a couple, so good on ya! (Apologies for the armchair diagnosis, but that's how I interpreted your comments.. ) I imagine that social invitations are not lacking …. : )

  5. I never knew you two got anxious
    going to parties…Maybe it's from
    when you were younger? Or you
    were too worried about your
    costumes? They looked fine. The
    only thing missing was baseball
    hats. You both looked like you
    enjoyed yourselves.

  6. Lmao Adam a party isn’t a real party until the wobbly PoPs arrive ( Alcohol). Until then you are just staring at people wishing there was alcohol there.

  7. It’s sad to hear you guys at the end refer to an anxiety of parties which kinda surprised because I normally see you two as both young, athletic, affectionate, in love and happy. I got the impression that Adam in particular may have social anxiety issues. It’s worth getting these addressed early on if possible for you two as otherwise it may become a hindrance for you in later life (as it has for me). Well done for speaking up about though. There is a big drive in the UK to speak up about mental health, and particularly in men, which is being spearheaded by many sportsfolk and especially by TRH The Dukes & Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex respectively. My thoughts are with you as you work with your own anxiety demons.

  8. guys, today i had the feeling u both are teaching me that being gay is normal and works out … a different optmistic future as i keep thinking being gay is an illusion, the least.

  9. We’re a 68yr old couple and we enjoy your videos. Your love is infectious and it seems your just meant for each other. Be happy and healthy, and your motto, go out and make memories, not just for you young guys. Thanks

  10. Guys Don't take this the wrong way but you are more than perfect for NSFW channel. You guys together have a sexy energy that pops off the screen and we can't get enough of. I know how tacky but the money $$ lol. Just you 2 together is plenty erotic and sexually charged -so keep your pants on well maybe not those hot baseball pants. This is meant to be a complement as not many couple have what you have and it translates to well.

  11. When you guys get registered for your wedding in December let us know where your wedding registry will be. Want to send you guys a gift. Your both so awesome.

  12. I laughed and smiled so much at this video. But Halloween is two weeks away, Can't wait for that video. All the best, guys.

  13. It's so tender and sweet to see how much love there is between two incredible guys like you adam and bernardo. You represent the real meaning of sharing big and little things that life offers to you. Many straight couples should follow your wonderful example. You both are very sensitive and full of positive energy. I appreciate you very much buddies and I wish to you all happiness of this world. My support will be always for you guys. Much respect bros.??????????????????????????????✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Hello lovelies!
    You guys look great in any costume! The baseball players idea was so cute though! You both are also handsome and a delight to watch! Thanks for sharing your fun lives with us, love ya! ?♥️???❤️

  15. Meu Deus anciosa demais pra essa cerimônia de casamento hahahahahah! Me diverti demais com o vídeo. kkkk a saga do futebol americano kk

  16. I'm kinda laughing at the end cuz it also happen to me, I don't know when to start, kinda confuse???
    I love you both??

  17. Pitcher/Catcher who cares just play ball. Batter up! You guys need to feel yourselves. You are the life of the party. I laugh so much while watching your videos. They are hilarious. And yes party, hangout, and socialize. If you can't drink then dance. Dance I said! Dance Dance Dance And go to May's counter or beauty supply shop to take care of that small but insignificant blemish <wink>

  18. Beautifully funny. The final scene with the makeup was enchanting…but Adam, oh golly you wear those baseball pants jaw-droppingly well!

  19. O QUE É ISSO GENTEEE…hahaha…tem uma doçura sem fim até mesmo quando parece tão difícil começar um vídeo…quando escolher uma fantasia….quando se intalar nela…qua brasileiros atrasados…o chegar na festa dando mais um beijinho antes de se repartiram com os demais…os olhares perante todos como que a se pedirem me de a mão…muitas fotos com amigos queridos o companheirismo por não beber…e quando a voltar para casa…o alívio de novamente serem por inteiro um do outro…vocês não tem a mínima ideia do como é maravilhoso e gratificante poder estar assim com vocês…está semana fiquei muito triste ao me deparar com falas preconceituosas…e tão cheias de revoltas e desamores…e ver vocês renova meu coração…me enche de forças coragem e alegria…penso nas suas mudanças…nas situações de emigração…e sonho com o casamento mais cheio de amor …vocês iluminam o mundo…amo muito os dois BERNARADAM ???????????????

  20. smiles ??. you bring happiness to so many, you bring encouragement and inspiration.. you have the courage to share your lives and experiences. thank you ??❤️❤️

  21. Bernardo has to have the world's cutest laugh!!! I just love to hear him giggle. Ya'll made hot baseball players!! I thought Adam was going to have to find scissors to get that shirt and shoulder pads off of Bernardo! Glad you had fun at the party! Now off to knock a few more biggies out of the park; B's interview and your move! Good luck with everything coming up. Love you guys, NC girl, Harriet

  22. Oi meninos só agora consegui ver o vídeo amei vc estão cada vez mais lindos amo ver vc assim feliz amo ver o Adam falando em português é muito lindo vcs estavam parecendo lutador de sumô ????

  23. Adam: it's kinda late
    Bernardo: it's like 11:30pm
    Adam: it's midnight, that's late for us
    ME: Watching the video at 3:00am

  24. Socializing is healthy and sometimes important. The best way to meet other people that can possibly become great friends. Like Jon and Aaron. Well, they're OK sometimes ?

  25. You guys are cute and the party hosts seemed very nice, but as a Halloween party, that sucked. The TV was on and no dance music? No one in drag either? I've never been to a gay Halloween party like that. And you guys left before midnight to go home? What? How old are you guys, like 65?

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  27. Hey it was an amazing video but I hv to say I enjoyed behind the scenes of the video most I saw Bernard drinking but didn't see Adam taking any lovely packs(that's hw we moderate it here in India hahaha) i wanted Adam to be drunk as same as he got in Brazil coz at that time he does more cute things n Bernard pampers him hehe.. ? it look so cute. All I hv to say is keep it up… a big thums up to both of you. Lots of love….❤

  28. Hey boys! You got a permit for those tight ends??? My heart is tickin 3x. Love you both sooo much. Wedding in Dec? You never answered me yet! Did it hurt when you both fell from heaven???? Until next week, take care if each other! Love you both, Bill from Cali.

  29. Love……………………………………………………………………………………………………

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