Here’s What I Think About Buying a Volkswagen Golf

Rev up your engines,
Collins says, Scotty I’m thinking about buying a MK2 Golf as my first car what do you think
about them, ok I’m not a fan of Volkswagen because they
tend to fall apart, the ones they sell over here after so many years,
and they cost so much money to repair people just get rid of it,
every customer I’ve had in the last 15 years in the US that bought a Volkswagen never bought
another one, but I know they’re very popular in Europe
I just came back from England, and parts are cheaper there, a lot of times
people buy them there in Europe and they’re relatively happy with them,
so if you live in Europe and there’s mechanics around that work on them and do good work,
might not be a bad idea, but in the US it’s a dumb idea,
because they just fall apart, the only customers I’ve ever had lately that would buy something
like that is, they buy it used dirt cheap, they get a car that had 80,000 miles on it
for like $1,500 so they don’t have much invested in it, it might last a few years, they make
out like gang busters, but buying a new one is really stupid because
their resale values plummet, don’t ever buy a new Volkswagen because when
it’s time to sell it, you’re going to lose most of your money,
Martin says, hey Scotty, I got a 1999 Ford Ranger and the AC only comes out of the defroster
vents, I’m wondering what could be the problem, ok realize that all modern cars, the default
is defrost, and the reason it’s that way is, if you have
a problem in your venting system, and things start to break,
it will automatically go to the default position, which is the defrost, because they want you
to be safe, they don’t want the windows fogging up if it’s raining outside, so if the system
is breaking down it’s better to have it blowing on the windshield so you can see where you’re
going, maybe your not going to be so comfortable but your not going to crash into somebody,
because the window is fogged up, even though it’s an older vehicle, it’s still
all computer controlled, so it’s probably you got a problem in the
actuator door inside the dash, and the only way you can really analyze that stuff, you
got to find a guy like me, and we hook up our high level scan tool and
we can do bi directional testing and we can test different actuators and see what’s broken
and generally on that we got to take the whole dash apart,
now I mean you can check electrical connections, see if any vacuum lines came off, but normally
on those it’s a problem in the actuators and you can’t guess, because it’s such a complicated
system you got to have a guy with a dealer level scan tool and analyze it doing testing
back and forth unfortunately, Chen says, Scotty I’m about to buy a Dodge
Caliber what’s your general opinion about the car, I don’t have that much money to spend
on a car, well if you don’t, don’t buy that car,
those things are endless money pits as they age,
if you don’t have much money to spend on a car, hey look for like an old Toyota Corolla
or an old Camry, I’ve seen them go 400-500 thousand miles, I’ve had people buy used Camryss
and Corollas with like 180-200 thousand miles on them, they didn’t pay all that much,
and sometimes they were still driving them 4 or 5 years later with another 100,000 miles,
that would be the better thing for you to do,
those Dodges, they fall apart as they age and if you don’t have much money to spend
you do not want to buy a used Dodge, that would be a big mistake,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. The only 8 year old rusted cars in my area are Golf and Jetta. All with peeling paint and rust on the rocker fenders. Even Mazda 3 are doing fine now.

  3. VW/Audi is junk! Chrysler is junk, half of Ford and GM is junk, BMW is junk, Land Rover is junk, and Kia/Hyundai before 2006 is junk

  4. Scotty you might be right about cost of support in the US but to call VWs unreliable is pretty unfair considering the quality. Against the shitboxes you can buy in the US

  5. Scotty i love your videos, but i dont agree with this. I got golf 5 Vw 1.9 tdi 2004 year. Got 483 000 km till now. I just change the oil time belt and some small things. The engine is pretty well going for now.
    Also my friend got golf 2 and for now he got 640k km, if u care them well they can outlive you. hahah
    And the parts are very cheap here in Macedonia.
    Take care

  6. What a dumb statement, VW's are known for being bulletproof, just because they're built in Mexico for your tiny corner of the earth doesn't mean VW's as a whole fall apart. Buy a REAL VW made in Wolfsburg and you're golden.

  7. Customer; Should I buy a moped scooter or a bicycle?
    Scotty; No! Buy a Toyota! 👉🏽You get a Toyota! 👇🏾You get a Toyota! ☝🏾You get a Toyota! 👈🏽and You get a Toyota! Everybody gets a Toyota!

  8. I guess I’ll sell my two most unreliable cars. Jeep commander and vw golf both with way over 200,000 miles on them. To buy a reliable Toyota. Oh wait almost forgot I have one because it doesn’t move due to a shitty transmission problem and at has a little over 100,000 miles on it

  9. I have to disagree on VW. I have a GTI and those cars hold their value. After two years my cars value is still higher then what I owe on my load . I put 0 down.

    I think it depends on the car.

  10. "Market value will plumet!?' You sure about that Scotty? Not from what I've seen in NA. If anything the car is historically overvalued by over loyal buyers. The electronics are the issue historically. I have also learned VW now pulls vehicles right off the line like Toyota when a big issue comes up. Can you spell LEAN management?
    Maybe diesel-gate gave them the kick in the pants they needed!

  11. They're also very popular in Mexico, not that the US cares or something, parts have become readily available and economical for some models…

  12. for anyone saying why he keeps saying vw are bad, its because vw in the usa are made in mexico.. over here in europe older volkswagens especially with the tdi engines, like 1.9tdi engine, they are bulletproof. anyone who lives in europe and owned a 1.9 tdi vw product will agree with me.

  13. My mechanic had a Golf in:the engine mounting failed resulting in damage to the cambelt ,which then resulted in engine damage.He says NEVER buy Eurocars.Told me to get an old Toyota Camry also.I bought a Ford Falcon 2002 and he freaked out on that.He said he bought a brand new one once and the passenger door just fell off!

  14. VW Golf R’s have very good resale… A 3 year old Golf R with 50k Miles that is well cared for is still going to be worth at least 2/3 or what you paid for it new. Now compare the price of a 2015 Camry SE to a new 2018. You can get a used 2015 Camry with under 40k Miles for about 12k. A brand new one will run you about 32k. In reality nearly all cars have terrible resale. The Golf R is relatively rare and has a strong cult following which contributes to its value retention.

  15. Interesting they don't resell well in the USA. They hold their value quite well in the UK compared to likes of Ford, Hyundai etc

  16. Scotty, I have a vw caddy sdi and very common problem is it starting! When running it runs fine but takes 10-15 seconds to start! Many people have experienced this but no one seems to know! All the obvious things like glow plugs, injector seals been tested…
    Also people say if they have a full tank or leave van on hill pointing down it starts much quicker!
    What do you think??

  17. I looked at the Dodge Calipers when they first came out and they were pieces of junk! I was sitting in one getting familiar with it and adjusting things to the way they'd be if I was going to drive it everyday and already one of the seat handles was broken off. This was a car with 0 miles on it!

  18. I’ve had air cooled vws and they have been very reliable. I own a mk7 gti and it’s been trouble free as well. I’ve heard the mk3 water cooled vws were total junk, but my personal experience with the ones i have had has been very positive.

  19. I call massive bs here with VW. My 1998 Skoda Octavia (VW engine and most other parts) with 200 000 miles is still going strong. On the other hand, I once had a Ford Escort, coincidently made in the same year as the Octavia, which literally fell apart and had to be scrapped almost 10 years ago. Escorts rusted like there was no tomorrow. And no tomorrow for them there was. My mechanic even sent me a photo saying that he'd never seen such horrible corrosion and the car had all sorts of other serious problems as well. They used to be everywhere but now they're rarer than Ferraris here in the Czech Republic. The car was a massive piece of junk. Bashing VW for expensive parts is just not smart unless you're talking specifically only about the US. I live 20 miles from the place where my car was built. Parts are very cheap here, not to mention overnight delivery for basically anything. Any mechanic worth his salt can fix VWs or Skodas for very reasonable money, tons of ultra-cheap scrapyard parts. Yes, Japanese cars are reliable but parts here in Czechia are just too damn expensive so almost no one buys them. Does this make them bad? Nope. There are logical reasons why Americans prefer American cars and Europeans European. Horses for courses, Scotty.

  20. Here in ex-USSR Golf mk3 is considered one of the most reliable cars and maintenance is very cheap (The only drawback is that its body rotting quickly) Pity that Germans don't make such good cars no more.

  21. in aus VW hold their value and are super reliable. I know in Australia our VW come from Germany so maybe that's the difference.

  22. BULLSHIT the mk2 golf is a war machine it just does not break down even if you want to do it it just wont never break i have seen a mk2 with over 800 000 km and it still works.

  23. It is impossible for a german car to fall apart and where I live vw has some of the best trade in values of any car brand.

  24. This guy's saying don't buy VW unless its cheap with 80k plus miles on it…when any car with that many miles that still runs for a few years is a good car…smh….Toyotas last forever but they handle terribly compared to a VW. VWs will last over 100k and give you a good ride while doing it…and the cost is great for what you get new.

  25. Mk2 Golf is the most reliable Golf/car VW ever made. Plenty in Europe with over 300,000 miles on them and very simple to work on.

  26. VW's do not depreciate that much in Europe. In fact, that justifies the fact that they are more expensive compared to other brands.
    The issues are still the same: Parts are designed to break down after 200K, 250K, and 300K kilometers. Parts are ridiculously expensive, and some things you can't replace yourself, you need a specialized tool.
    So also in Europe: Buy a VW for the looks, and only if you are prepared to spend more on buying them and keeping it on the road.

  27. Looks like Toyota is paying Scotty a lot of money! German cars still the best. Only Honda stands tall amongst Japanese cars . Period!

  28. all the people who are butthurt over scotys criticism of german cars are not listening to him and have a cognitive bias. german cars sold in NA are not made in europe, they cant be compared. german cars have become complicated to gain a competitive niche. this has effected their reliability and longevity. regardless of what vw once was, they were always cheap and placticy. little thing breaking are still expensive to repair for some reason in NA as if they were still european imports. people criticizing toyotas as boring are grasping at straws. toyota shames the entire industry in every way. american cars considered crap in euroupe? they are too in america. instead of competing with the japanese, they think short term and raced to the bottom.

  29. Wow, I didn't know it was such a bad idea to buy my 2003 Jetta TDI wagon 15 years ago that gets 35+ mpg and has 265,000 miles on it with the original engine. I guess I should have listened to Scotty's warning that Volkswagens "fall apart."

  30. I had the timing tensioner fail on my 2010 VW with only 79k on it, you can "baby" these cars all day long. Its easier to blame the owner than the crappy manufacturer

    That's why VW got sued big time over this

  31. Wow.  Everyone he has known in the past 18 years who bought a new VW never bought another one?  Really??  I wonder how VW got to be the biggest car company in the world based on "One and Done" buyers???  And they all fall apart, of course.  I'm glad nobody told my '99 Audi that.  It's still running fine.  But that's just here in the U.S., he says.  For some strange reason, everybody in Europe seems to love 'em.  And everywhere you go over there you see 10 year old VWs.  With a few exceptions the same product is sold in both countries, Mr. Kilmer.  Ever ask yourself why it's crap here but great there?  Could it be you're full of crap and VWs are actually pretty good?  LOL.

  32. I have an 07 dodge caliber and I have had no issues with it other than tire rod replacement. The windshield washer fluid reservoir has a hole in it but that's the extent of my issues and its at 160k. Had it as the 3rd owner for 4 years, and I just change the oil. It's a salvage title but it keeps going… only a 5k purchase. This is the first time I've ever saw a Scotty vehicle and realized he may be a little biased.

  33. 285k on my 07 vw rabbit nothing but regular mait. never had a single issue. only bad thing is the head liner in the car is coming loose

  34. Looks like Scotty never met me….

    First VW; used ‘07 Rabbit (MkV Golf) 2 door manual, 65k on the odo….
    Still own it, has around 200,000 miles on the STOCK clutch, utterly reliable…

    My new VW, ‘12 Golf TDI (DSG) with 50,000 miles on it, only owned it a couple weeks so far, time will tell on reliability, the diesel motor should be pretty much bulletproof, I wish it was a manual, but they were outside my price cap

    Only paid $9000 for it anyway…

  35. I've had 2 mk3 jettas that were amazing cars and now I have a mk4 GTI and it's the only car I want other than a 2004 Porsche 911 turbo.

  36. My 240.000 Golf 5 1.9 TDI is running like a clock, 0 problems so far. If you maintain it correctly and treat it properly it can run forever.

  37. actually the mk2 Golf might be one of the few cars more durable than a Toyota. And they tend to have less rust problems than japanese cars

  38. Just bought The 7th New family VW, 2 in the last 2 weeks and they are rock solid, Traded my GTi, fantastic rocket, for a Jetta SEL premium. Getting too old for boy racer toys, another winner. My better half is raving about her new Mk5 Golf SE, loves it. I had a Jetta Sportwagen TDi that I LOVED, the diesel fiasco didn't phase me as there are no emission standards in Florida. I was never going to hand it back to VW. UNTIL they offered me more than I paid for it after two years sterling service. Fantastic car, 50+mpg on freeway runs and such torque!!! I think that Scotty K just doesn't like cars full stop.

  39. Here's the difference between Toyotas, Hondos, and VWs, VWs are like horses, Toyotas and Hondas are like donkeys.

  40. I bought a Volkswagen Jetta 2012 tans never had a light on my panel i sell it after 110,000 , but a have to keep the maintenance and cost almost the like a Toyota , the problem was when I post it in offer up nobody was interested in the car after 3 weeks , but The devalue of the car drop a lot , I sell it but have to drop the price, I will never buy a Germany car I can lease one but not buy it

  41. Aren't all Golfs still made in Germany? I know most of their models are made in North America but I thought I read that Golfs and GTIs and the Wolfsburg or whatever it's called are still built in Germany.

  42. Well, Scotty touched upon a sensitive issue. I think VW cars are one of ths very best in the world, including the TDIs, no matter the Diesel cheating. We cannot say that vws are bad, just because there are more Toyotas running old in the US. Would be better and more useful to pick out some really troublesome serials rather than generalizing.

  43. i have golf 3 thats 28 years old i buy it 10 years ago i didnt invest 1000euros in it from 18 years thats golf is in my own

  44. Scotty most of the time I agree with what you say. But this time you really showed that you don’t know what you’re talking about. The MK2 golf its the most solid VW I’ve ever seen.

  45. Absolutely love all my vw's I've owned/own. As long as you take care of the car right, the car will treat you right. I had a g60 corrado which was known for being a "nightmare" completely disagree. I currently have a mk4 jetta vr6, b4 passat glx variant, and a 09 mk5 gti 2.0t tsi gen1

  46. I've been buying Volkswagen since 2001. I put 250k miles no issues on my vw jetta. Sold in 2014 and bought another Jetta with 1.8T tuned stage 1 zero issues. 120k miles. However, car need to be will maintained to run perfectly.

  47. Everything Scotty says are hundred percent accurate. This man knows his cars. Because of Scotty I avoided buying a german lemon. Keep up the good work Scotty

  48. I own a 2012 Gti with a TSI 2.0 engine. I change the oil every 3500 to 4000 miles, make sure its the sythetic oil it needs, around the same time do maintenace, check the cooling system, brake system, filters etc. The car gives me no trouble because I do MAINTINACE.
    VW's are not Honda's. They require a specific type of oil, brake fluid coolant etc. You can put any coolant in a honda, in a VW you will ruin it. VW' are for people who will take good care of their cars and in return. You'll have a blast driving them. Most americans will go to the store and buy any coolant, any oil and that will ruin a VW

  49. Well, I have a MK6 Jetta (1.8T I-4) with 109K miles. still going strong without any issues. I honestly would highly recommend!

  50. Since when do VW resale values plummet? And since when do these cars just fall apart? lmao where are you getting your facts. Theyre in line with your precious toyota and vw is a larger manufacturer than toyota. I keep hearing you mention so many brands and their cars just falling apart. I personally own a GTI and im on my second vw. Both have been bulletproof. Not to mention GTI's have an incredible resale value, arent much more expensive to maintain and are a heck of a lot more fun and faster than majority of the boring cars on the streets.

  51. I've owned VW's and so has my family. They last. Just keep up with maintenance though. If you pay attention to Scotty, he tends to hint to stay away from VW's because of the cost of parts. Notice how he says in Europe, they're fine and people love them.

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