Helena High volleyball prepares for Class AA State Volleyball Tournament behind setter Emily Feller

happy Wednesday everyone I’m Sam oil and thank you for welcoming us into your home with the Helen hi bengals headed to the state playoffs it makes you wonder about the pieces that make the collective whole and in this week’s athlete of the week center Emily feller is near the top of the leaderboards for the class double-a and assists percent and attack efficiency and for someone who sets people up it’s not surprising that feather was quick to say it’s her teammates who are to credit for her success this season my total faith in all my hitters and just knowing that they’re gonna put the ball away when I get them a good set and having my back-row players just you need a permit set that helps me so much fellers just an athlete she really is she’s a true athlete and she works really hard and she’s committed and she just is really court smart she she knows where all of our go-to hitters are she puts the ball in the right person hands and she’s just a great fun kid to coach feller Diane Coe will be put to the test tomorrow when they head to Bozeman for the class double-a volleyball state tournament where they will face a tough billing senior team

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