46 thoughts on “He Did Things to Me at Baseball Camp That I’ll Never Forget

  1. Her: Time to show Dave everything I've learned from practice with this fastball.
    Dave: I'm gonna end this girl's life with this mother of all homeruns.

    Poor girl was never the same again

  2. Most people is taking this as a joke, and writes comments just to get attention… I don’t think this story should be ignored and made jokes out of. I can relate to this girl a lot, and could imagine me feeling like sharing my story, and instead of people caring and listening… people would just make jokes about the title, how many times the voice has been used, and more.

    I hope someone else other than me is willing to listen to her, and care about her story.

  3. Okay @kimberly roberts made a joke as top comment . I shall explain it here before i woosh all of the replies . She is referring to a movie in the 90s called The Parent Trap (starring Lindsay Lohan/the Olsen twins) in which they swap places at a camp . The title was never different , it is a JOKE.

  4. How is Steven your fictional twin though? He looks nothing like you. Do you mean personality wise?

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