HD Cricket Video Batting Tips How To Come Down The Wicket Michael Clarke Style

Hi Guys Jemile of the cricket school here please subscribe and like this video will cover coming down the wicket and hitting the ball to the on side straight through the on side as with the off side video – the key thing is that you keep your ankles in line this allows us to play freely and adjust and to play to the other side of the wicket which is obviously the side if our legs and feet cross what happens is a chain of events the domino effect where we will most probably be only able to play to the leg side obviously we don’t want that so by keeping our ankles in line we will
now have the option to play to both sides of the wicket second key thing is that our lead foot moves first and we move on the balls of our feet as much as possible that will give us speed sharpness and quickness with which to adjust and the flexibility we will need in order to execute the shots and play the shots So lead foot – back foot – lead foot -back foot – Once we’ve planted our feet We then strike down through the ball keeping our eyes on the ball and as much you can try not to rotate the face of the bat on this one once you get the hang of the shot, then you move to the more expansive rolling of the wrists and all that kind of thing but it’s just good at the early stages just to play a check drive through the ball Please watch the video again – go over the key stages Thanks for watching and please subscribe

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  1. If You Have Any Idea's for Tutorials You would like me to Cover please leave a comment here ..Thanks for Watching…..if you could give a little like please ….

  2. Can you please do a tutorial of how to play balls coming into the body to a righ hander and ball coming down to the off stump.

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