Hawkins & Ryder find the strangest Sting figure ever: Zack & Curt Figure It Out

This is why their show is so great. We learn about it.>>We figure it out.>>We figure it out, see. We figure it out.>>I’m Zack Ryder
>>Donnie Wahlburg tweeted me back last night. Can you believe it?>>Weight, what?
>>And I’m Kurt Hawkin.>>Tell your story walking,
Hawkin Christopher. Let’s go.>>We’re gonna to scour
the world looking for toys. We don’t know exactly what we’re for, but
we’re gonna find some holy grails and we’re also going to find some
things that we don’t want. Either way, we’re going to figure it out. What’s up everybody? Welcome to another edition of
Zack & Curt Figure It Out. And today we are in beautiful,
sunny Des Moines, Iowa, at>>Not really sunny.>>Well.
Jay’s CD & Hobby?>>Yeah bro, you’re excited?>>What, this is an action figure show, why are we
>>Bro, you can’t judge a book by its cover,
you’ve got to do the Yelp reviews, the Google reviews. Jay’s CD & Hobby in Des Moines has
everything to satisfy whatever collection you have. Looks can be deceiving. But don’t ever judge a book by its cover. As this store has aisles upon
aisles of something for everyone. And look who we have with us today.>>Baby.>>Well, guess now, do you all as guess.>>I’m stuck, C.D.
and guess what’s going on here guys.>>It’s a beautiful day.>>I don’t even know they make
cities anymore, being honest.>>All right, we’re gonna go inside. What are you looking for? You looking for something your daughters, looking for a stang for you,
what are you looking for?>>Why are you yelling at me?>>Am excited.>>What the hell?>>The YouTube audience is excited.>>I’m sorry, man.
>>Look, either way,
we have a WWE legend on our hands here.>>My God.
>>Leader of Nexus
>>Yeah.>>Leader of the Core.>>Yes.
>>Leader of 3MB.>>Social Outcasts
>>Leader of Slater Gator. And today,
today he’s joining another fashion.>>What’s that?>>The Figure It Out fashion.>>Baby let’s go
>>Let’s go baby.>>[SOUND]
>>But yes, I’m looking for something for my daughters.>>All right.>>I’m looking for something for myself.>>[LAUGH]
>>I know, I know.>>Some Funko Pops. Everybody is into Funko Pops. It’s funny ,Funko Pops, I think,
are like the new Beanie Babies. There’s Beanie Babies down here.>>I know.>>Did you ever have beanie babies?>>I did not, I don’t know why
you collected beanie babies.>>I love beanie babies.>>I know you do,
I know you tell everybody.>>Remember this was
the thing back in 90s.>>Did you have beanie babies?>>Not at all.>>I thought they were going
to be worth all this money, I still have them all somewhere. I remember the Princess Diana one. It was so much money.>>It’s just one of those things,
just got out of control popular.>>Out of control.>>It booms.>>Yeah,I love Frankos.>>Do you have a lot of Fankos? I do have a lot of Fankos
>>Ted DiBiase is the million dollar man and I’m the thousand dollar Gross-me,
because some might cost a little, some might cost a lot, but
on the thousand dollar broski and your figures will be bought.>>[LAUGH]
[MUSIC]>>I can’t believe he just did that.>>And actually, there’s a Batista down
there that I need, so I will literaly. [LAUGH]
>>I will be buying this Bautista. How about a Goldberg? You’re next.
>>I do need this Bautista.>>It’s Goldberg. He’s the one legend Heath
didn’t lose to in 2012 on Raw.>>Who did you lose to? Vader? Sid. Lita.>>You beat Doink the Clown though.>>I beat Doink.>>And Slater into the cover and takedown.>>Wait a minute.>>Yes, Heath Slider did it.>>Uh-huh, come on.>>Way to go Heath.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Edit that.>>Whoa, whoa. What?
>>This is a throw back.>>Kurt Hawkin’s.
>>This figure is over ten years old, which is kind of embarassing.>>Does it look the same? Does it look the same?>>[LAUGH]
>>Just a little more grizzled.>>Thought this would be able
to chill by the list all day.>>[LAUGH]
>>Wishful thinking. I probably will grab it on our way out.>>You gotta get that.
>>I haven’t seen this in a long time.>>There’s a pipe burning remember that.>>I forgot these micro rollers. What to they call them, micro rollers?>>So, these are actually along the same
lines is what we were talking about. So, like I come with a piece
of the Elimination Chamber. And then you get them on,
you build a kind of a lousy version, but it is supposed to be the chamber.>>Dude, do I need this?>>I think you gotta keep going.>>They got a Boogeyman, too.>>I don’t remember series eight.>>I’m gonna get Razer and
put him in my miscellaneous shelf.>>I think you’d probably like this.>>No, no, no, no, no.
What, are Piper?>>I don’t know. It comes with it. You build a Piper in Pit Ring? I don’t remember any of this.>>No, I’m just gonna do Razor. I’m just gonna do Razor.>>Heath, what can you tell
me about the Z-man Tom thing?>>What can I? I know him and Brad Pillman had one heck
of a battle at Clash of the Champions.>>[LAUGH]
>>One of the best matches I saw when I was a kid.>>Did you have this figure?>>Of course.
I still have it. I have that whole set. I just don’t have the Michael Hayes,
the Jimmy Jam, the LA Gante.>>Those are called. In the biz we call those UK exclusives. They weren’t available in the US, so we didn’t even know about it until
we were much older to even get them.>>I didn’t have UK exclusives.>>Any time you go in one of
these vintage toy stores. They definitely have these old, I say old
but from the 90s Star Wars for years and it gets addictive. Where do I draw the line?>>It’s a lot of stuff.>>So much stuff.>>Think you’re already doing well. Just keep going without that.>>I know it’s definitely what I did.>>But these are so beautiful. It’s like Han Solo in Carbonite, I have the actual Han Solo in
Carbonite statute in my house.>>It’s pretty embarassing.>>It’s not embarassing! It’s like this big.>>Isn’t it every girl’s dream for their
fiance to own a Han Solo in Carbonite, and put it right in their
entryway of their house? It is, right?>>[LAUGH]
>>[SOUND]>>Whoa, real quick, did you have these Dick Tracey figures?>>I did, the one that’s Madonna,
to this day, I never got.>>I love these figures and the movie, but on the back of
the box it has The Blank, right?>>That’s what I’m talking about.>>Right, but then the movie spoiled it. So, you knew who it was gonna be.>>Yeah.
>>You know what I’m saying?>>Madonna, right?
>>Right.>>Is that what you’re talking about?>>Well, wait
>>Well what does the figure look like?>>Maybe the figure came out first and
it spoiled the movie. One way or the other,
something spoiled the other.>>Okay.
>>That’s what happens in the toy business>>But it was very hard to find. So, didn’t even really
[SOUND]>>What about this? Raphael has stang
>>Has stang, you might need that. That might be your purchase.>>I might have to pick that up for you. I’ll buy it for you, Heath. Raphael has stang.>>[LAUGH]
>>It ain’t so bad.>>Yeah, we’re getting that for Heath. My treat, Heath.>>Is that Taker?>>Taker, yeah, macho man. I’m not buying you them all Heath,
just the Stanger. Yeah, look at that.>>Wow, that is pretty cool.>>Yeah, have you ever seen that?>>No.>>Yeah, I’d say go home,
give him a little pig bath. You know about the pig bath, right?>>I know about it.>>You get it in there, you turn off the
lights, light a candle, just get in there, get that bubble bath going,
taking that loofah? Taking that loofah. Just get in there, yeah,
just rub them, baby, rub them.>>[MUSIC]>>Take that big bath, clean them up
real nice, you know what I’m saying?>>I do.
>>Yeah,>>I hope to get sparrow because my little girl roommate is absolutely in love with
this little dragon, she has video game. She plays it all the time. Now I’m gonna get the toy of it. And she better like it.>>[LAUGH]
>>Now you’re going to threaten a little kid on camera.>>That’s okay. It’s my little girl. She’s tougher than I am man. Yeah, looks good? Are you taking the picture or
are you recording?>>I just found a used DVD
with N’Sync star, Joey Fatone, who I saw a couple of weeks ago at
the Orlando Airport and Burger King. And I’m like, I gotta, I gotta go up
to him, but then I said, hey man, big fan, walked off.>>[LAUGH]
>>But then like I publicly tweeted, hey I met joey Fatone at burger,
because I wanted to tweet back and he was already following me,
so it made it real awkward.>>[LAUGH]
>>He’s the man.>>But you just run up to him hey,
Dan, man.>>Yep, and walked away,
that was it, that was it.>>It’s been brought to my attention.>>All right, let’s talk about it.>>That for Skyler, he has an update here on the old
Dick Tracy The Blank controversy.>>Exactly. What happened was as they were
bringing the figures out and they were making those before
they released the movie.>>Right.>>And they’re like, Crap, if this
figure actually takes the head off and it shows breathless Mahoney under there,
so if the kids bought the figures
before they went and saw the movie, they weren’t gonna be in suspense at
the end, whe they saw who it was. So, basically what they were gonna do was,
they were gonna make a series two.>>Sure.>>Unfortunately, these didn’t sell well. The movie did alright, but
these didn’t sell well. So, they became more Canadian-exclusive,
like Sears stores and stuff like that.>>Sure.
>>So, they brought them out for Sears later on. So, just finding one of these is
pretty expensive nowadays, too.>>That’s why it was hard to get as a kid.>>And the head doesn’t come off?>>The head does come off and
it shows her.>>Really?>>So.
>>See?>>It’s pretty interesting.>>I remember always looking for
her when I was a kid. I couldn’t find it.>>It doesn’t say series one or
two on there, you don’t know.>>Nope,
just they were gonna plan a series two.>>As a little kid, there’s no
internet and stuff like that, right?>>Yeah, exactly.
So>>But it did come out later.>>It did come out, but mostly in Canada,
in Sears stors, apparently.>>See, this is why this show’s so great, we learn about
>>Yeah.>>We figure it out.>>We figure it out, see? We figure it out.>>Stang.
>>[LAUGH]>>Awesome, thank you very much. Yeah that’s great. That’s what makes this show so special.>>The price caught my eye,
the significance of it caught my eye. So, this is the greatest
>>Seaver, right?>>Tom Seaver’s the greatst
>>Growing pains, The Seavers.>>[SOUND]
>>Tom Seavers is the greatest. I mean,
could be the greatest pitcher of all time. He’s definitely the greatest
Mets pitcher of all-time.>>Let’s just stick with Mets.>>It’s debatable, but
I don’t have any autographed items of him.>>We’re here, the camera’s on,
we’re rolling.>>And they also have
>>Good price.>>Can I see that Jacob
deGrom Rookie card?>>What, is this a sports
collectible show or a toy show? Come on.
>>We buy it all here.>>I’m Kirk Hoff,
welcome to Grand Slam Collectibles. Zack Ryder knows nothing about sports.>>It’s true and this is the current
best picture on the Mets, Jacob deGrom, this is his rookie card.>>So, I dabble in these kinda things,
and the price is right on this one too. I think I’m gonna grab them both.>>All righty.>>I think it’s time to figure it out,
and get out of here, and check out and buy these things, and buy the stang. And I’m not buying that, but
I’ll buy you the Sandman.>>I’m sorry your dad never played
catch with you in the backyard, it’s not my fault.>>My dad caught me karate,
taught me karate.>>[LAUGH]
>>He must have did a great job.>>I was a brown belt. I was a brown belt.>>You can’t even throw a kick.>>[LAUGH]
>>Today Heath is walking away with Spyro the Dragon figure and
a My Little Pony Twinebox figure for a grand total of $27.33.>>kind of a slow day for me but
I’m still leaving with something. That’s the Ryder rule. Pens.>>Today I’m walking away with
a Batista Pop Funko figure. A Razor Ramon build in
Brawl figure from Jacks. And a ninja superstar’s Raphael as Sting. Ninja Turtles figures from Playmate for
a grand total of $42.43. Let’s break down the randomness
of what’s about to go down.>>Today I’m walking away with three
packs of Topps Heritage baseball cards. A Curt Hawkins Build N’ Brawl
figure from Jakks. A Jack bone crunching action
James E Cornett, loose action taken, and original San Francisco toy makers
CCW Brian Hobbs loose action figure. Tom Seaver autographed baseball and
the Jacob Graham Bowman rookie for a grand total of $114.73.>>Wow. Congratulations. Here it is.>>The more narrow where Cheap Kurt dies.>>[LAUGH]
>>He’s dead.>>Rest in peace
>>All that’s left to do is to fill this
grave with your rotting marketing investing packets
>>Alright, The Ryder Rule in effect,
left with something. The most important news of the day,
Cheap Curt is dead.>>Stingy broski lives though.>>No, I don’t like that.>>[LAUGH]
>>Right?>>He’s on the show, he just left with
something, we all left with something. Let’s do a little cheer with our bags,
guys. Yeah, all right.>>What’s the lesson we learned
today in Des Moines, Iowa, besides that I’m a big spender and
you’re cheap?>>You can’t judge a book by a cover,
you know what I’m saying. Just because it said CDs and
something else.>>Got to do your research.>>It had action figures, so many, cards,
loose, busts, statues, so many things. Gotta Yelp it up, gotta Google it up,
gotta David C Anderson it up. You gotta do whatever you can.>>I think this faction has legs, guys.>>Well, it’s kind of our show. I don’t know if you can,
you had that other show.>>I gotta do stuff.>>We haven’t been on game night.>>No, hey,
we have never been on game night.>>We’ve never been on game night.>>Decorator, it’s in interior decorator.>>Look at all the design. Get out of here.>>You’re probably gonna
start another faction anyway.>>Man.
>>That’s what you do.>>Give me the keys.>>Give me the
>>You got the keys?>>Cheers.
>>Who’s got the keyers, keyers.>>[LAUGH]
>>I meant keys.>>Come on, man. [SOUND]

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