Have We Ever Seen Evolution Happen? – 12 Days of Evolution #3

[MUSIC] [BIRD CHIRP] Male crickets love to sing. But on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, that singing comes with a price. Several years ago, a parasitic fly arrived
on the island. Those flies listen for crickets’ chirping wings, lay eggs inside them, and
the crickets are devoured from within. Thanks to these flies, Kauai’s crickets
almost disappeared, except for a few. These survivors were missing the ridges that
crickets normally rub together to chirp, and today Kauai is filled with quiet crickets. Silence saved their lives.
This wasn’t just a change in behavior. The silent wing shape was caused by a mutation
on the cricket’s X chromosome. Kauai’s crickets became the strong silent
type in fewer than 20 generations. Not only did we see natural selection in action, it
happened in the blink of an eye. A few years later, those parasitic flies showed
up on neighboring Oahu, and in response, most of the crickets there had gone silent too.
Surprisingly, they had developed a completely different mutation in the same gene.
Nature arrived at the same destination by two completely different paths. While evolution is often a long gradual process,
rest assured we’ve witnessed plenty of fine tune-ing right before our eyes. Stay Curious.

100 thoughts on “Have We Ever Seen Evolution Happen? – 12 Days of Evolution #3

  1. It's important to really bring home what a theory actually is when someone says "Evolution is just a theory," but I also like to point out that natural selection is the theory, and evolution is the hard data.

  2. On the third day of Evolution, Darwin's Beard gave to me: 3 silent crickets, 2 DNA blue prints, & an explanation of evolution.

  3. This is a perfect example of the mis-use 'evolution'. Yes they evolved or perhaps adapted but the fact remains that no matter how may millennia you wait, it will still be a cricket. It may be the size of a dinosaur but it will still be a cricket. It's not going to evolve into a human which obviously is where "natural selection" would take everything in existence.

    When I hear 'evolution' I only see darwin's "tree of life" where it starts with 'origin of life' then every branch from that is some form of plant life that by evolution has on it's tree humans. There is no proof of that type of evolution and this transformation is also no proof of all the different branches of life shown.

    I've heard the term 'micro evolution' which is far more correct of this type of change. And still not proof of 'major evolution' as shown in darwin's "tree of life".

    I've seen in the comments mention of fruit flies and how they were genetically changed to not reproduce. But if you go back to that effort in California, you'd find that when left alone they turned right back into normal fruit flies. So genetic engineering failed.

    I also seen comments that on about 1000 or the 20,000 genes are used. That is only true of the genes science knows about and can define. The remainder are used and being discovered all the time!

  4. Short and sweet! Have to be careful saying things like, "In response" though. The crickets didn't chose to go silent on that second island either. Some just happened to have a mutation that benefited their reproduction. Just like the first island. 🙂 Good video.

  5. I swear mosquitoes in my area have evolved to become attracted to citronella. Of all the times I tried it to repel mosquitoes, I got bitten more times than if I used nothing at all.

  6. Please mind giving a bit of yourself for Science. Each time you listen to the last sentence of this video at 1:43, a creationnist gets attacked and scared by a cricket. Thank you in advance.

  7. I might catch a lot of flack here but oh well… Though I do believe in a divine being, I also wholeheartedly believe in the science of evolution and even the evidence of a Big Bang. It really sucks having such a polarizing belief system because I constantly get backlash from both atheists and theists alike. In my heart I truly feel that the two are in no way mutually exclusive. I have begun to share this series of evolution videos with acquaintances who blatantly dismiss and scoff at the very notion of evolution. Maybe it might spark something or maybe they will stay hopelessly narrow-minded. Regardless, thank you for making these videos both comprehensive and succinct. They have just the right amount of suggestion without being too heavy-handed or pushing an agenda. I hope that a few naysayers might see these and start seeing the undeniable science around us.

  8. evolution deniers aren't going to care about this example. to be fair, they aren't going to really care about any example that we can possibly show, but this one isn't even speciation.

    it is a cool example, though

  9. The goal is to protect good and sound science, not the type of science (pseudo) that REBELS against the creator and his creation.

     The notion that mutation and recombination can compose new genes is implausible.

  10. if only theists werent so dumb.
    They could claim that evolution is a reason to believe that existence has been engineered.
    Instead they deny the truth and try to make life fit their "holey" books

  11. I know it will sound stupid, but I'm arguing with one of my friend about the evolution of humans. The question is : Would it be possible to know if aliens changed our dna to have intelligence ? His theory is that we are that advanced only because we have been modified by extraterrestrial being. Now, I don't want to be answered they don't exist, I just wnat to know if there is a way to know if our dna ever been modified this way.

  12. I understand natural selection and adaptation, but when does something jump to having a different number of chromosomes or a new organ– like a new sexual organ, and the how does the opposite sex develop a matching new sexual organ at the same time?

    Adaptation: aka termed micro evolution which is the change of a species traits in response to its environment is observable and therefore real science.
    Evolution: aka termed macro evolution which is the ludicrous extrapolation of micro evolution to say that a species can evolve into another species is a ridiculous scientific notion a d has never been observed, anyone seen monkeys turn into humans? No don't think so .. So let's not call evolution science.
    SURE some people have dug up bones and don't experiments but those experiments were all done under one flawed presence: that adaptation can be extrapolated over time to mean evolution when we have been given no proof of it. Don't let them fool you study it for yourself and you'll see that humans are flawed which means science is flawed. So don't believe everything they tell you.

  14. Micro evolution has been observed and agreed upon by both evolutionist and creationist. It stays within their own species. Antibiotic resistant bacteria is a case in point. The figures don't lie. The liars figure. Same info. different conclusion. Many scientists assume the role of philosopher. Do you know why most of the scientists have a degree call PhD?

  15. But in this case, the male crickets still needed a way to advertise to females. Some of the males on those islands can still sing, and the silent males gather round them and wait for females. It's kinda a conflict of interest between natural selection and sexual selection, and it's really fascinating.

  16. Pah!! Science!!
    Why does Jiminy Cricket's head burn to reveal a human skull? Just because of that, I'm not going to believe anything else you tell me.

  17. Isn't that just adaptation? "Seeing evolution" is a bit different the way I understand it. According to the science of evolution they say we changed species. Fish to Monkey…Monkey to Human. Very different things becoming the other. How does the adaptation of a species correlate with the change of species that evolution states? The crickets didn't become birds to eat the fly. Does that make sense?

  18. evolution is nothing but propaganda! Take for instance this video of a "lucy" simulation.

    Walking With Lucy | California Academy of Sciences

    lucy is 40% complete and the assumed human hands and feet were NEVER found.

    "Fixing" Lucy Fossil with a Power Saw – David Menton



    What the fossil evidence shows us is Lemurs stay Lemurs and chimps stay chimps and etc.

  19. HAHAHA Classic scientism reasoning "rest assured, we have the evidence, just take our word for it"
    Yea sure, science isn't a religion LOL

  20. can you just do more of this specific topic please? like even just 5 more minutes of mind blowing examples of almost instantaneous evolution.

  21. Evolution skeptics/deniers will say that they agree with microevolution like in this video, but not macroevolution as in new species forming. Can you address that in a denierproof way?

  22. Thank you for not doing a 30 second Dropbox sponsor message at the end of every 1:30 video. Really enjoying this series so far!

  23. This effect is seen in other species too. When children of the species Homo sapiens make a lot of noise if they are told that flies will follow the noise and lay eggs inside them that will eat them from the inside, they also become quit.

  24. According to what I am reading, and what is being explained by those who believe in evolution, that any variation in a species causes that species to become a new species. If this is correct, then any variation in humans, would make each group who has a mutated gene a new species. So according to this train of thought, there are many species of humans on this rock we call earth…….

  25. Crickets chirp to attract the females, right? Now they can't attract females? How's that going to help propagate the species? Hawaiian crickets are now the "strong silent type", it is natural selection in action, what? Seems to me that they will become the "silent extinct type", in a very short period of time.

  26. So after the flies left the Kawai island and move to the next island, the noisy cricket is back on the Kawai island or they just go extint?

  27. First of all, those look nothing like crickets. You guys either need better reference or better artists. Secondly, the crickets stayed crickets; they didn't evolve into another species. That is what people are talking about when they say you cannot see it in action.

  28. What if i were to tell you with in the few thousand years when technology advanced a ton there would be evolved animals with the ability to do things deflect bullets…no jk thats not an actual trait but i feel like humans killing off homes and species will kickstart animals that dont need homes and we will have more migrating animals in the future

  29. Honest question? Can we see a change in kinds (I'm so sorry about using the same words as banana man)? I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is no because the mutation process to distinguish two species sexual could take more than a human lifetime (possibly many human lifetimes).

  30. Yes we've seen microevolution, but never macroevolution. That's where a creationist's skepticism comes from. So there!

  31. the crickets on the second island did not 'develop' a separate mutation for silence, the genetic change was the result of random variation, later selected for by the parasitic flies.

  32. I was hoping for a lengthy video on the famous guppy experiment or the domestication of foxes in Russia. While this video was short, the example was one I hadn't heard of before! Incredibly fascinating.

  33. Isn't this called adaptation, not evolution? The title is misleading. This is more about converging adapted traits than it is about evolution…

  34. This is de-evolution, not evolution. It is the losing of a trait not the gaining of a new one. Sure, they can survive better for now, but when healthy, un-mutated specimens are re-introduced, they mutated ones will go extinct.

  35. can the crickets from the two different variations of silent crickets mate? If yes then all we saw was variations among species, not evolution. Been through 3 videos and still no evolution….:(

  36. An excellent example of natural selection causing adaptation of a species.
    As for the underlying mechanism involved:
    Looks like simple Mendelian genetics to me.
    You admit that the "silent" allele already existed in the population before the flies were introduced.
    That means there was no "mutation" involved at all. The 'silent' allele just got expressed more predominantly in the population.
    Furthermore, the "musical" allele still exists today, but, according to Mendelian genetics, it has been selected down to a remnant.
    It's called adaptation.
    If the flies are removed from Hawaii, the "musical" allele will again become prevalent.
    If you want to call it "Evolution", be my guest, but it is no indication that crickets somehow "evolved" from some other species, nor that they are "evolving" into something other than crickets.

  37. Am i the only one who wants to know how they mate now that they lost there mating song they did with there wings? its kind of like a bird losing its voice

  38. they are still crickets.features changed …butstillcrickets…..did not change into a different animal…read darwins books it explains all of it…fruit flys can change over night but are stillfruitflys………………………………oh yeah…your wellcome.

  39. I honestly don't see how evolution can be true. I'm not trying to start a fight but my claim is that if one cell splits off into another and that one into another, won't the original cell just die? I understand that some cells live a lot longer than other cells but I don't see how one can become trillions and trillions. They will die out l, but I don't think it would be enough to create a life form like a human.

  40. That is not evolution. The mutation made them loose the ability to sing. That is a deletion. Besides, they did not turn to anything else. they are still crickets.

  41. I have always wondered, like in this video, you were talking about the noise those crickets make, and it was being a bad thing for them, so the yet to be born crickets have evolved a wing with "anti aliasing" stuff on it. So this means, nature has some kind of shared memory?

    This video answered my question:

  42. Evolution can be shown from wolves to dogs and African wild cats to domestic cats. Through selective breeding and genetic mutations humans have sped up evolution creating different bone structures, size, shapes, colors, and mentalities. Studies proved dogs have a different psyche then wolves in physiological psychology.

  43. my uncle thinks there is monkeys because god cursed them and changed their human forms to monkey.my other uncle says evolution got completely disproved by scientists.SAD!

  44. I'm skeptical, why don't we observe all stages of evolution from beginning to today already? Natural selection roots out the majority I get it but shouldn't it be an endless cycle of repetition in loop?

  45. From this video I get the message that the crickets mutated based on the event but the fact is "simply" natural selection of what already was existing. I probably didn't fully understand what was said.

  46. It depends on what definition you give to evolution. We’ve never seen an animal turn into a different kind of animal or random goo become life.

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