Have a Routine | Softball Pitcher Drills

Softball Pitcher Drills: Have a Routine [Intro Music]>>Jessica Vogel: One of the most important
ways a pitcher can find consistency is by having a routine from pitch to pitch. Having a routine can have many advantages
including an increased sense of focus and rhythm. It allows the pitcher to maintain control
if the game starts to get a little fast and it helps with her overall presence on the
mound.>>Vogel: A couple things to keep in mind
when figuring out what your routine is are breathing techniques, making sure you keep
steady rhythmic breaths, making sure you have one extra deep breath right before you pitch.>>Vogel: Another thing is how you interact
with your teammates between pitches. Communicating how many outs there are, talking
about possible plays that should come up and positive encouragement. Make sure you maintain good body language
and keep your head up no matter what happens.>>Vogel: Lastly, keep a steady rhythm and
make sure you present your pitch the same way each time. Having a routine is a very important way to
control the tempo of the game and gives your teammates the sense that you are confident
and in control. [Outro Music]

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