HATE STARTING THE GAME GETTING SLAMMED… || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 6

Beach Volleyball Game I got it Joe love starting the game with
a dig hey start in the game getting slammed hello and welcome back to yes
guy gaming we’re here playing volleyball unbound I’m having a blast playing this
game except we came fourth of the last time with two friction losses at the end
pisses me right off but well here in the last tournament of this year trying to
get that way in the content allow injure and set us up for next year hope we get
to some of those higher up tournaments so we need a higher ranking so let’s get
to it and look who it is the first frickin match this time were
playing Jordan and John dam Arden from Canada gosh hey nobody cares boys all
right these guys aren’t as bad we have a loss of these guys somehow but I don’t
know I think Jordans way shit here that’s
what it looks like anyway I don’t know I don’t think it matters we’re way better
than these guys now go home buddy I’ll set you Joe
come on start us out with a nice side up that’s a nice side out let’s just go
deep middle maybe I don’t know who’s gonna get it ah trouble maybe yeah I
don’t know whoa watch it watch out I got a Joe go
man those roll shots are tough might as well just stay off the net and play two
guys playing deep nice finesse Joe those soft hands buddy
where’d that come from alright now I’m gonna need you to pound
one I absolutely need you to pound a serve Joe that’s one way to do it just
stay off if that free ball Joe it’s in here you go yeah just stay off see like
why are we going up cuz in the shot I’ll make that dig nice set Joe
Oh we block me no man it’s too all it’s the first game of the tournament
yeah set me up Joe nice I’ll go sharp angle off the block it’s gotta go Joe
you’re an idiot Joe I maybe need a new partner get out there buddy at least you can
sign them at least you can do that Joe but you can’t take a freaking shot that
said it exactly your way three all we need a frickin play down the middle for
the easy just a standing shit sir perlier’s love that I’ll take that we
needed that man just down the middle with some power look out look out I got
it put me on the freakin net Joe nice set down the line Oh with authority ah yes we end up playing the same damn
teams every time look we’re back playing Clippard an asshole asshole asshole
asshole am I saying that right asshole asshole I don’t know anyways I forget
what we did we won last time though I think maybe we went to asshole and we
was a battle though so we’re gonna need to fight again here Joe let’s go buddy
let’s work I got it put me up dude nice put up oh it’s a tool let go off me no
no no it didn’t wrap what is this a replay up okay what happened here
oh it did go off me gosh it went off my pigs shit hook me up Joe
nice set dude nice sneak a backdoor baby all right come on it’s one all I got
slammed the first point of the game not good deep – asshole I got it I read that the whole way nice
set Joe yeah I want to play love that whoo yeah watch this read that the whole
way dug it up Oh off my back pound it yes all right still going it
asshole I got it Oh and it’s just so disappointed and don’t
even understand oh I got it down the line automatic
every single freaking time come on let’s go Joe it’s three two
we’re up just crush it deep full power nice oh why are they so good it’s out
out leave it yes match ball let’s go just a bit off the
center line oh my god this guy’s a setting wizard
one side out for the win decent set Joe your ass come on huge a TV camera all right Kosta and Gomez
okay so they have one weakness and that’s Costas block great who cares
they’re all pretty much the same but what do we do serve the guy who touches
the lowest maybe donate I don’t know just serve him deep
all right oh I got it Joe loves start in the game with a dig Hey
starting the game getting slammed gosh not a good start there you go Joe I
don’t mind if they’re gonna serve you you can put it away
oh great dig by him Oh No get in
No come on time to fight Joe let’s frickin go you go buddy
there’s a perfect set as if he dug it I got it I’m fighting for this I’m not
giving up that easy gosh that was an easy shot go Joe
I got your buddy go go gosh come on Joe I wish me to timeout or
something all they’re letting out they’re coming to me yes
got one bye all right Joe these guys are pretty good we’re gonna need to fight
hard here maybe one down the middle of work out that’s an a strong huge play
we’re not giving up here buddy you go sneak one down the line
yeah sneak one down the line great dig Joe I’ll put you on get something out of
it yes Joe all right you got the line one let’s go back down the middle now
always it gonna bring it back free ball Joe whoa not so much a free ball free
chance though Oh we dug it oh we got it no I’m sorry put the freaking team on your back Joe
here you go serve it back down the middle there that backdoor boom causing
trouble get off you Joe just poked me on your
back and oh shit what a weird joke yes yes what a comeback
oh man five straight no way to clutch it out but alright well here in the final
against Kenya status and our battles and they look good they are good both their
defense hi I think maybe I gotta go to kind of
satis I think they touched the exact same but I think maybe the other guys
settings a little bit worse the stamina is maybe a wash
I don’t know gosh what a shit scenario tennis ah des I think that’s who the guy
is Canizales let’s try I’m short maybe try I’m short yeah I knew it was the guy
a charm again tennis out is you gonna give it up another one like that
oh look out watch it watch the shot I got it Joe
come on yes let’s go watch it I got it put me on the frickin net I came to play today baby come on let’s
go that’s a great play over to Ken is that oh I’m spinning now not good that
was not what I wanted watch the line rule I’m there I’m all
over you you dumb ass hit it down the line
you’re our bounce he was there to forget him short okay Joe get off I got you
buddy do some with it lion I’m all the Cutty always there coach oh I get you
here put you on cross lion I yeah so I look out okay he’s outside I got it
put me on Joe what was that oh what the hell was that that was great
alright first set win oh man this is a battle here in the final I mean we won
the first set five nothing but we got a battle for that third that second third
I’m frazzled just focus and play that’s all you need always on it watch that Joe I got it set
me up oh the roll shot that was stupid that
was so stupid got it Joe that’s a freaking what are
you doing Joe fuh got it how many digs dr. maté Joe shit what am
i doing I’ve forgotten the controls shit after
all that I do that here we go buddy good pass
quit roll shot it Joe if you get that block it’s okay though
oh man this is so tense go right it can his arse down in that corner full speed
ahead ace Joe Oh do it again do it again Joe that had some heat on it Joe that was
disgusting just disgusting that was a wall shot right after they come to me
now they probably are I’m still going to Joe there you go Joe nice shot babe a
Joe’s clutch and as ours let’s hit it short to him see see if he likes it he
maybe likes it oh oh I got it Joe those off the block ones are tough it’s
three all it’s a freaking battle go Joe I’ll set you buddy here you go with the
40 now we got Joe back to serve for the frickin championship wait until he steps
over the left that’s right you see that now we crush it oh what a set I got it
go Joe Oh not quite good enough a deal yet for all its a frickin battle they
come to me yet no still going to Joe Joe what are you
doing what am i doing Joe you’re an idiot why would he just
give up that point like that Oh off the block it’s got to come Joe what are you
doing this is frickin intense we need that
short surveys to start the set we’re not getting it that’s not good man that’s a
perfect shot gosh nice pass by me I’m freakin automatic when I get slammed
like that gah – OH – oh we can do this Joe we can do this
nice pass there it is all right there it is good serve Joe actually just get off there you go good play maybe stay off
yeah yeah stay off maybe you should’ve blocked shit we’re running out of time shit
good set though oh oh not good not good what’s that out that’s our boy right oh let’s get his arse tired
you better be get up there Joe block the right side watch that line roll shot I’m
there I’m all over that Joel yeah come on it’s a frickin battle see if I keep
them the outside he likes that line roll shot get up there Joe Oh what is
happening Joel fog taking over yes
match ball for the frickin championship let’s go buddy get up there block the
right side seat bait him into the line roll always got Cuddy I’m there pick it
up name off the block look out get off Joe I got it I’m all over the
place set me for the win cross shit he dug it
I got it put me on the frickin net dude shit tired as hell
we need a mistake or good play set me up down the line Josh come on
yes I’m everywhere oh man what a frickin rally boys oh let’s just savor the
moment Joe that was a dumb play sigh of relief man what about in that third set alright guys well that’s gonna do it for
this episode I got a thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed these
videos if you do maybe leave a like or hit that subscribe button if you haven’t
already I would really really appreciate it but thanks again so much for watching
and I hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Beach Volleyball Game

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