Hey guys, it’s Sher. In this video, I’m going
to be showing you how I made Harley Quinn’s bat from the suicide squad movie for my Halloween
costume. Originally, I was just going to include this in my first Harley Quinn costume video
but then I thought, why not made a DIY? I wanted a more authentic looking bad versus
the ones most stores sell with the costume which is like a foam material. I’m sure it’s
nice but if you’re paying around 40 bucks for it anyway, then I would rather just spend
money on an actual bat. I bought the bat from amazon for around 30 dollars and then I bought
the sharpie markers from Walmart for around 5 dollars. That’s the only things you need,
so in the end, you’re paying around the same amount for a more authentic looking prop.
The first thing I’m doing is using a pencil to mark where I’m going to put the tape and
where I’m going to draw the diamonds. Then I’m outlining the goodnight letters that go
down the center of the bat. Then I’m using the black sharpie marker to permanently outline
the letters. Obviously, I’m no artist at drawing these letters, um, I completely messed up
the G and the D. I was just going off a picture of the bat I found online and trying to base
my letters off of that and make them look as similar as possible but keep in mind, the
bat doesn’t have to look perfect because even in the movie, it looks kind of rough. Next,
I’m going to fill in all the letters with the red sharpie marker. On the bottom of the
bat, there are two black rings so I’m just using the black sharpie marker again to fill
those in. My bat ended up being a little bit thinner than the one in the movie so instead
of being able to have the right amount of diamonds, I just had to make due and draw
two smaller blue diamonds one on top each other and go all the way around the bat until
I ran out of room. I still had a little bit of extra space left over, so I just signed
Harley Quinn’s name in the blank then I filled in the blue diamonds. I kind of had to take
some creative liberties with the bat since it wasn’t made exactly like the one in the
movie but hey, I did my best and like I said, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Then I took
the red sharpie marker and filled in the spaces between the diamonds. I wrote the actual lullaby
quote from the movie, but if your bat’s too small for that or you don’t think you can
fit it all on the bat, you can really just write whatever so on top of the lullaby which
is like a twisted version of hush little baby, I just wrote whatever I wanted, so I included
some ha-ha’s and I wrote property of the joker to match the back of the jacket, I signed
Harley’s name again, so basically just whatever you wanna write that matches the movie sayings.
And this is the finished product! I really like it. I had fun making it and this way
I got to decide what went on the bat and put some personal touches on it. Thanks for watching
and Happy Halloween!


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