37 thoughts on “Harassed Astros fan gets World Series tickets

  1. I’ll never observe another moment for anything 9-11 again. They got paid well for their loss. This is disgusting.

  2. People in Houston are very sweet and friendly but if you go outside and to New York city they living up to their name "jackasses" of course not all the New Yorkers just these childish hoes.

  3. One of the many reasons why I’m glad that as a former New Yorker l’m not a Yankee fan. At least Mets fan lose with dignity and have respect for the winner.
    (FYI not all New Yorkers are like, just Yankee fans. They live in the Bronx so what could you expect). ?‍♂️

  4. I swear these Texas fans are retarded making a big deal about throwing a beer at a road team fan acting like a moron. What do you expect? It could have been much worse..a few years ago a Dodgers fan put a giants fan in the hospital by beating his head into the ground and he nearly died.

  5. New Yorkers telling people from Houston to go back to Houston why don't they take there rude new yorkers that use Houstonians have to deal with. like one almost all choked one of my employers simply because the only other groomer that was working with me that day was not extremely baby sitting he's dog. this guy expected us to not leave his dogs side even if we had to use the restroom. sorry but if your bragging about how much you paid for grooming in New York maybe pay the same price for a price groomer instead of going to to your local petco. those people are just rude and have no patience. if it doesn't go there way everyone has to pay

  6. I didn’t know Yankees fans were racist. I don’t usually cheer for the astros (I like the Mariners) but I hope Houston wins it all for New York fans

  7. Stop hating on all of New York fans fellas. Mets fan here. And Yankees fans are cancer. You have to deal with them for a series. Try everyday. Sick of their shit. Thank you for slapping them around. Go stros.

  8. I am a Yankee fan but I have also worked the Astro's games and their fans are usually just as reckless.

  9. Yankees fans are the worst peo4 in the world guys. Astros 4 and Yankees 2 series is over. Yankees sucks guys

  10. I had some friends make a Yankee game in New York and he said everything went well I guess it is where you set and who you are seating by. Laughing and cutting up is one thing, abuse and throwing stuff is quite another

  11. Lol New York ppl don’t let me see no shirts no more y’all not good here I’m swinging on everyone wit a yanks shirt on omm New York ain’t shit y’all not bout shit omm

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