Handcrafted Bowie Knife Replica // Made From Hickory And Walnut

The first step is to trace the blade pattern on a hickory blank using my coping saw I cutout the back curve of the blade then I clean up the saw marks with my spokeshave for the front edge of the blade I just chisel away the waste then follow with the spokeshave like before here I’m fee-handing the blade bevel which is about 5/8″ I use my 14″ disc sander with a holding jig to shape the blade bevel Now I can come back with a spokeshave and shape that bevel around the curve to the tip of the blade here I’m working the backside bevel with the blade shaped I head over to the bandsaw to cutout out a slot on the handle to receive the blade with the waste chiseled out I epoxy the blade into the handle Once the epoxy dries the shaping begins here I rough out the handle shape using my coping saw then take my raps to it to form the handles contour finally I sand away the rasps marks…being careful not to stab myself in the gut! now its time to install the blade guard I make it out of two pieces which I cut slots in to fit around the blade Once I get the fit right I glue and clamp it in the vice I start shaping the blade guard by removing the bulk of the waste with my chisel My sander makes quick work of putting a slight radius on the guard last but not least…brand it! Some sanding and oil and this knife is ready for action.

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