Half Guard | Triangle, Kimura, Ezekiel and Baseball Bat Choke with Professor Kris Kim, Seoul, Korea

okay we want to start hitting our Deepak cards or start from the very beginning so right on my right here right right leg this block this way let me keep that foot less insight cause here my elbow I’ve got a nice little frame across here it’s always secured by under hook at any time and it’s hard for him to get the under hook established on me because of the frame so I start here the first thing that we went over to 104 was looking at this leg and looking at this art there’s a lot of space I’m going to create that space and kind of lean back and I’m just gonna pull guard okay or I can lean back here and I can try to jump triangle or from here I can lean back and jump that up wooden focus spider guard position open to guard position so that was one of force always keeping that one in mind anytime you’re working ATVs you can always bail and go back to a better position closed guard triangle guard or that spider guard position number two from the same position where you’re going to the Kimura so here I’m using my left arm I’m pulling this arm this way but I like to get a little push forward so I’m going to Creek pushes my forearm in my arm a little bit here when he drives in I’m going to push get out pull towards the left side I’m going to sign my right hand to his wrist go over the top and get the Kimura grip I use my left foot to shrimp the further I shrimp underneath his legs the tighter his shoulder will hit the floor keep your elbows in nice and tight and that bring is a hang to the back of his head and I’ll get that time so that’s the Kimura we’re getting to Ezekiel choke next let’s say I hang up same good same thing here get a little push I start pulling and I pulled too much or the guy is angle ID I couldn’t get him off all the way to the side here and this one you kind of felt almost on my chest okay if this happens I just loop all the way around then as he falls to my chest I’m to elevate my left elbow and the easiest way to do now is pull my left hand closer to his Adam’s apple so snug this way then lift up this one’s going to reach around and grab the tip of my elbow and now I’m going to turn left or turn right and then keep I think this hand comes my elbow to get that choke again here got the Kimura option is number 2 of 3 3 or 3 is the Ezekiel I go to push or I go to but I pushed she pulls right here I didn’t get him off to the side it up for the Kimura he’s up kind of on top of me pull elevate left the elbow and turn okay so four to four we hit that baseball suicide choke we’re here I start lifting the elbow and I got the wrong angle you start looping around okay soon as he loops around I push she starts looping I’m going to use this to go palm up I’m going to slide this thumb inside here left foot on his hip okay and I’m going to drop my right foot on the floor and I’m retaining the shrimp you can use your right wrist to kind of push off your shoulder this really sells the shrimp and he really wants to pass our piece off right then I told him I left it my elbows are nice and tight message each other can of my elbows far away he I won’t get the choke and not only that but he can undo his head and loop his head right back around I’ll lose everything so here my elbows have to touch boom okay now when I start running this children get real tight and I can finish them one more time so here same position for a four I go in a lift he starts moving his head around go palm up and thumb okay I put this leg up on his hip to help with the shrimp also it also blocks that backdoor jump pass come here I drop you ready the center I’m you fighting right hand push off your shoulder and use my right leg and I sure way that makes me want to commit jump over I turn all the way the left elbows are touching I keep circling laying around keep running until you get excess so that’s one two three and four from that series uh the other some of you guys work that into the other guys would know something else

53 thoughts on “Half Guard | Triangle, Kimura, Ezekiel and Baseball Bat Choke with Professor Kris Kim, Seoul, Korea

  1. Most people would refer to move 3 of 3 as a loop choke, Ezekiel is when you grab the inside of your own sleeve and use your fist to choke.

  2. It's 8pm and I hv a class at 8:30pm, I'm gonna try that "ezequiel" toninte,  looks pretty sick to me! Everyone knows me at the school because of that "baseball choke", I've learn it as "gator roll", does not matter what you call it,  what matter is that works great and I am pretty good at it…..give it a try.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y79QjOJ4nZ8 (gator roll tutorial, a little different!) enjoy!!! JJ RULES!

  3. Fantastic instruction on ezek and the bat…
    two absolute killers that sometimes are hard to see coming until its all over, and in a self defence situation, they are very useful..
    cheers, nice job sir..

  4. new to BJJ. what stops the guy following you around then jumping on top and getting top mount with the last Baseball Bat choke?

  5. Just tried this but its hard to pull of against decent opponents, since when u grab the lapel, the opponent will immediately block your hand/forearm to prevent pressure on his throat, thus preventing the ezekiel. Also the kimura is hard to get. When u place your hand on his arm, he will immediately defend that aswell.

  6. The most useful 4 minute instruction I’ve seen in a long time. Succinct, to the point and practical. You just got a sub

  7. man, four great set ups from this position. I'm often stuck here and hadn't realised how important the collar grip was. I often am just looking for the loop choke so my grip is completely different

  8. Great video! I use that baseball bat choke from Bottom of Side Control whenever I’m there. You do excellent instructionals.

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