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What kind of call was thattttt! Shut Up!! Now I do believe he’s running with the ball and he’s still running with the ball. and he’s still carrying…. Hi there if you’re not from the US and you probably just saw those guys and complain what they’re doing isn’t “REAL FOOTBALL” and you are probably thinking about turning this video off because you have no idea what this… “FAKE FOOTBALL” is all about Now before you do, you should know that many American don’t know a damn thing about this football which could lead to many awkward situations like this.. Hey buddy! Yeah? Who you rootin’ for? Uh.. I’m rooting for the stripie guys. Those are the reds That’s.. that’s sounds tough! (laugh) oh shi.. oh shi Nail him! No no no! if cheering football one of the “MANLIEST” things you can do and if you want to survive in a world that’s heavily rely on gender roles just follow these easy steps and you can be accepted at your local football occasion in no time Step 1: Root for the correct team. Make sure you take a good hard look at your surroundings. Every football teams have its own unique set of colors and much like gang warfare if you get caught wearing the wrong colors expect to get murked real quick Uh.. occupied! Oh no no no! Ha! That was a “clothes” one! Step 2: Pretend to watch the game. Make sure you always look in the general direction of the TV and react like everybody else Oh.. yes! Yes! What? Come on! What? Come on! What kind of call was that?! Yeah! What kind of call was that! Damn! What? You really know football! Hella! Hella! Hella yeah yeah! BRO-NAGE A TROIS! Step 3: Learn about football. Touchdown! It’s important to understand the basic principles of football which why I’ve made this helpful diagram When a player reaches the end of the field when holding a football this is what is known as a “touchdown” this helmet is known as a “helmet” When a player gives up trying to perform a touchdown he may try kicking the ball through a fork at the end of the field this is what is known in most football game as a “kick ball score goal” and that is all you need to know about how the game of football works Yes! Oh! He got a touchdown. it’s a good thing that his helmet prevented him from football related injuries Right guys? Oh, “helmet” yeah! Step 4: Never pass in front of the screen when the game is in progress. Blocking the view of a football match is the worst thing you can do at a football occasion So, when passing food or drink it’s okay to throw it Yo bro! Throw me some chips! Oh yea. Bro! Man! You suck! If you can’t throw it with the perfect accuracy you are a custom to it’s probably you are hungry make sure you always have a Snickers® in your pocket just in case Snickers®! Yes! Nailed It! And finally the last, most important step don’t try to rationalized why it’s called football I am so impressed that you know so much about the sport of football And I totally respect a man who stay culturally inlined with how the media portrays masculinity I know right! But here’s the thing why do they called it football I mean the only time that you foot ever touches the ball is when you are doing a “kick ball score goal” through the big fork” if anything it should be called “hand ball” or “runny throwy ball” or “type hand butt slapper” Right? Ah!!! Well that’s it for this week Join us next week for “Guys Guide to Fütball” the sport where people actually use their feet with ball and points are scored once every 2 and a half hour or not at all! sounds boring? it is! Hey guys thank you so much for watching and big thanks to Snickers® for making this video possibles. Snickers® Satisfies To see the behind the scene footage and bloopers from this video click the box on the left and to another manly video of ours “MAKEUP FOR MEN” click the video on the right

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  2. When I seen the intro I thought man there gonna say football but I’m talking soccer I thought they would say it’s not good and skit at us

  3. you can't even call it football cause its not a ball, balls are circular and round but a American football is not round nor circular unless you want to call it foot random weird shape that looks like a circle with spheric triangles on both sides

  4. Why do people argue about witch sport is the best, im not a big fan of soccer or rugby, but why should i spread negativity about the sports you dont like.

  5. I just realized tgat at the end when anthony throws a ball at ian that it bounces off him and hits courtney in the face

  6. I’m not even from America and I love their type of football. But I like “soccer”, too. I also like baseball. But my favorite sports are fencing and pro wrestling.

  7. Rugby came first soooo American football just kind of stole from rugby also why is it called a touch down when they don’t even put the ball on the ground to score a point.

  8. I’m British

    I have tried watching American Football and been surrounded by people wearing a different colour than me

  9. Europeans also have this it’s called rugby Basically imagine soccer players but playing the game of American football yeah you thought You Americans for you are the strong ones

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