Gun Golf and Mordhau

– [Dunk] Pew Dew Redemption II. This is the one we’ve been waiting for, boys.
(Laughs) Let’s play this game-
I’ve been waiting so long for this. There’s-
There’s Pewdiepie! There he is! (Gasps) There’s Pikachu! Wow! Good graphics on this game. That’s — Minecraft! (Gasps) Is- (Gasps) – [EA Intro] “E” – [EA Intro] “EA” – [EA Intro] “EA Sports.” – [Dunk] I’m In The Game. “Wow, Pewdie…your Character Design is shit.” “Now take a look at KNACK” That’s exactly what I would say in this scenario. The movement is actually a little better than the real Red Dead, if I’m being honest. And look at this-
Look at this Sonic! Wow! That’s even better than the movie! What the fuck is this supposed to be?
(Laughing) “It’s me, Pario!”
(Laughing) Okay! A’ight!
Here we go.
(Laughing) Oh, no. It’s- It’s Sub Bot. They’re subscribing to “T-Channel”. That’s against the- It’s against Youtube Rules! You can’t do tha-! – [Sub Bot] “Your 9-Year-Old Army…” “Won’t help you out now.” – [Dunk] Oh, yeah? – [Pewdiepie] “That’s right!” “Moving on…” – [Dunk] Incredible voice acting performance by PewDiePie. Can we actually move him up to the S Tier? Thank you, Michael! Okay.
We’re shifting gears a little here. Where, uh…
This- I think this is called Tiger Woods PGA Tour… …2009, I think. And of-
If on- If only — Pario was here to see me now. I think I’m gonna go with the 7- 7-Iron, here. Actually… Let’s just shoot it from way over here. What kind of material do they make these golf balls out of? Ah, shhh… Shit! It’s in the bunker. (Takes a deep breath) Gonna-
Gonna need the sand machine gun for this… Alright… Come on. Eah!
Beautiful. Beautiful Recovery. Now, I’m not quite on the green yet, but I think I’m gonna go with the Putting Revolver. And this is gonna-
If I can do this, just right… I can-
I can- I can ruin everything. I hate you! (Chuckle) Go in! I’m out of ammo. Stupid ass Tiger Woods. He didn’t put enough ammo on this game. What do we got?
Wha-? Gimme this!
Gimme this! Go in! Go in! Yeeaaaah… That’s golf! That’s golf! Now this is a different golf.
I think this is- This is Dill Murray… 2010… Go-
Oh. Here we go! (Laughs) I’m liking this one already! (Laughs) Beautiful shot! Beautiful shot! Kick that golf! Kick that golf! Kick it in there! Get it o-
Oh, they’re trying to hit me. Yeh! No, no, no! No! Wha- (Laughs) Wah! Oh, no.
Woah-woah-woah-woah. (Laughs) Oh, no, no, no! (Gasps) That’s golf! That’s gol- I know this one… This- Oh… These are- It’s a- It’s a trick one. I see what they’re doing. Ah, eh, see it’s- Yep, yep! You think I don’t know? You think I don’t know what-? Ok, he’s gonna-
He’s gonna go here. Watch! Fuck. Got it! Now things are starting to get interesting. Gonna need to pick up the pistol here. (Inaudible) Hit that guy- Ooh. Ooh!
Just team-killed his own guy right there. Now that right there, in golf, that’s a yellow card… I’ll tell you what. Now watch what I do.
This is a trick I’ve learned from the PGA Tour. Boom!
Gonna line that shot up. Now this dude-
This- Look at this dude. He’s gonna shoot his own guy. Do you see that? Now this guy- Boom! We just rammed right into him. Now I’m going for the shotgun. What do you say? Oh… Yah! Gimme that! Oh, fuck. This is-
No. This is… (Glass shattering) – [Game] “SUPER” “PUTT” “SUPER” “PUTT” (Dunkey laughs) – [Dunk] What is that? You — idiot! That’s not right. This is a war, hit ’em! Everybody hit this! He’s not doing it right. Gimme that! Now I’ll show you how to work it. Now this is a good weapon, you just don’t know how to use it right. You gotta hit ’em like- WAAH! (Laughs) Wow. Now I got the Meat Cleaver. Who’s up? Get- Oh my god! Die! Die, y- Wait-wai-wai-wai-wai- (Laughs) (Laughs)
(Slowmotion) Fuckin’ (inaudible)! Get that guy! Get that guy!
He’s all alone. Get-! Oh, no! Oh!
The horse! I’m on the horse! I got the horse! Ah- Oh, wait! (Laughs) Shit! What the hell? What?
That’s my own guy tryna kill me. I kick you! I-
Heh! Don’t kick me! I kick you! I kick you! Get over her-!
Yeah! Ooh, get that guy! Get that guy! Get ’em! Oh, shit, he chopped his arm off. He’s still going though!
(Laughing) He’s still fighting. Oh. Fuck you, horse guy! Ooh! I cut his head off! I cut a guy’s head off while he was riding a horse! Oh, wait, wait.
No, he’s- Nope. He’s dea-
Oh. Okay! En garde, you bitch! Oh, shit!
(Laughing) Oh, shit!
That’s my guy. (Dunkey laughing)
(Electronic Dance music) – [Leahbee] Wha-
How do you do that? – Now, but watch this… (Dunkey and Leah laugh)
(Metal Song plays)
[ ♪ “Atrium Complex and Military Base (Fight)” – Painkiller OST ♪ ] – [Leah] That’s better. (Oblivion theme starts up) ♪ Bah, bah, bah… ♪ ♪ Dah, dah, dah… ♪ AAH! AAH!!!
(Leah laughs) (Oblivion theme stops) – [Leah] Holy shit! – [Dunk] I’m alive! – [Leah] He’s alive?! Wai-wai-wai-wait! What are you doing?
What are you doing- Bah, bah, bah-! – [Leah] Punk! (Leah laughs) – [Dunk] Sean, can I get my sword back? – [Sean] No, I kinda like where this is right now. – [Dunk] Got it! Here you go! (Leah laughs) Sean, can I, uh-? Can I actually get that back, please? – [Sterling] You killed my father in Skyrim… Now you will die! – [Dunk] You killed my father in Game of Thrones… – [Sterling] Where’s my Elder Scroll? – [Dunk] You’re- – [Sterling] Give me my Elder Scroll back!
– [Dunk] You’ve betrayed-! – [Dunk] Oh.
(Laughs) – [Sterling] Oh, fuck! (Laughs) – [Dunk] Duel me. – Ready? – [Dunk] Duel- – You see the sword? – [Dunk] Who the fuck just-? He punched me and he ran up here. – [Leah] Just chase that dude up- – Uh.
– [Dunk] Just fucking ran away. – Ye-ye-yeah. – [Dunk] He die-
(Laughs) He died to these spikes.
(Laughing) (Laughs) Ba- – [Leah] Oh, god.
I didn’t know. (They’re laughing) – [Leah] How did I did that? – [Dunk] Put my bear trap down. Cover me. Here we go! Ah! Ah! Save me! Yeah! Fucking idiot! (Dunkey’s character screams) [OUTRO]
♪ “Select Level” – Frogger: He’s Back! OST ♪

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  1. 1:17 Man, this new Call of Duty game really didn't get anywhere with it's new game design. No wonder Black Ops 4 fucking sucks, it's a golf game compared to Black Ops 3.

  2. leafyishere is still being talked about in 2019? 0:59 time slot. side note, who are the others in S, A and B ranks? i need more youtube entertainment in my life lol

  3. Ever play dungeon keeper 2 ?
    One of my favorites
    #3 was supposed to be released, but I'm pretty sure it was cancelled. Anyway it's a classic

  4. No offence man but could you turn down the hi tone on your gf’s voice? It’s kind of ear piercing and makes your videos extremely loud

  5. Me: Mom can I be an astronaut when I grow up?
    Mom: Your adopted….
    Dunkey: That's golf

  6. As a member of the official bards guild of mordhau I can confirm that that guy on the payload was not following the code of conduct

  7. Whoa……..I had to stop at the end of that because of the music. I'd recognize the menu theme from Frogger on PS1 anywhere lol

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