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who’s it is?
– god. who’s it is?
– Ghost Idiot will you say the number?
– what are you doing? say the number bro..
– ok fine.. fine who’s it is?
– 13 idiot ! I don’t wanna play
– why won’t you wanna play . ( chorus) hey give my bat and go . Out .( chorus )
– it’s out wait wait
– its trial ball . first ball is a try ball Now throw the ball and begin the game
– throw second ball yes !.. now you are out
– hey move, you made me out on first ball,,its not out , i am going home so first let us do batting
– i don’t want to give, its my bat hey give it , you are out
– no i don’t wanna give you are out.. always he does this Come on Rohit yes! out .. ( chorus ) hey its not out . ball did not touch the bat. hey its out
– its not out ,ball did not touch bat Vinay you say.
– hey wait ..wait he is a honest person , lets ask him Vinay isn’t he out?
-yes he is out look you are out .
– is it so, that i am out? no no i mean he is not out what not out ..
– he is not out listen the ball touched the bat , right ?
– no it did not, i swear the moment ball touched i just turned my face come on go back to fielding .
– its not out yeah! … ( chorus ) hey .. come here what happened ? show that bat no ! why ? just show. i wanna see it got bowled in the first ball. You don’t know to play? bat is only cheap . leave , it’s cheap it’s a costly bat uncle . costly makes no difference Uncle its made up of English Wood .
– it costed us 1200 rupees I am playing since 30 years . i can touch it and tell the quality WAIT A MINUTE .. when we used to play, every ball used to go out of boundary ,no one used to stand inside. you guys wanna see ? Ok come on
– who is your bowler, send the bowler Vinay come on take it..( chorus) Vinay ! our type.. Vinay 3rd one 2 3 people go out and stand to catch the ball uncle show the cover ..
– see the cover . can you see it he can see it
– ok Vinay our type.. our type
– on the !st ball come on vinay out it is…. ( chorus ) bat is cheap Ok it good it did not hit or else the ball would have lost Ok leave.. leave ( chorus) catch it .
– what crazy things you are doing its right .. good fielding hey wait.. wait.. wait .. 1 minute how much water do you drink? hey where is the batsman ? call him fast. Bahubali.. Bahubali has come ! Bahubali (chorus) it’s out .. hey now who’s turn it is ? hey Rohit do batting Ok brother my dad is calling , i am leaving hey brother every time you run after your batting
– hey i will be back in 5 minutes. just see recently he called wait
-oh god you are wasting time .
– come on he will soon be out out .. out .. out .. he will be out (chorus) out he is .. ( chorus ) If such gully cricket is played in you area , please like this video , we aim 10,000 likes And if you want to see the part 2, comment in the comment box below. and also share it on all the social platforms And subscribe our channel and for update on latest videos press the bell icon THANK YOU ( chorus) i am going to play..
– hey wait we are coming as well (chorus)

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  1. mujhe ek idea aya hai gully cricket part 3 ke bare mein . mano agar aisa hua ki batsman batting kar raha hai aur jab uoh bat ghumaega tabhi chair jo wicket hai usko piche ura dega. fer agar aisa hua ki batsman jab batting kar raha hai tabhi nat ghumane ke baad bat uske haath se chut jayega aur uoh bat umpair ke upar parke usko maar dega .

  2. i have one more idea that koi player umpair ko paisa diya hai matlab bribe kiya hae. toh uoh umpire sabko out deta rahega . uske baad ek ball par aisa hoga ki bowler ball daalne see pahelehi uoh umpire batsman out de dega. aur hae ki ek bowler jo hat trick liya hae 3 ball pe 3 wicket lene ke baad uoh ek wide ball dalega aur sab usko marne lagega

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