Gully Cricket – Indian Gully Cricket – Part 2 – RELOADERSTv

come on ask . I take Zoheb .
– I take Salil lets toss.
– what you want ? heads.
– – take hey bro ,, wait ( chorus ) don’t leave him . what you want?
– heads hey wait,, wait,, wait.. hey wait man, what are you doing?
– hey what is he doing ? just kick him from behind All acting he does..
– too much of problems he has hey wait man.. do you have water
– should i slap you now , play properly hey, wait.. wait.. wait.. there is uncle ,, give him side . it broke ( chorus)
– run ……. you will break the glass, come out .
– uncle i did not do it . i didn’t wait . ( on call ) shit man ,, ( chorus) ok dad has come ? ok. hey come on let splay , her dad has come
– he is back ( chorus ) come on play hey wait ..
-what happened bro ? ( chorus ) ( on call) hello. nothing i am always free for you awesome Shiva, Awesome its out .( chorus )
– do you even know to play ? hey kid even i want to…..
– shut up you looser.. bloody looser leave from here , just leave do one thing come with me.. you stand here and dare if you turn your face back. look straight he is a bloody looser .. its your batting . awesome .. Awesome Abhinav. twist it that way he is out ..( chorus ) its cheating bro .. he has covered my face with that plastic it came because of air
-no it wasn’t air , i saw he did it hey see there, it fall from up
– yes your mother throws plastic from up no it came from down .. look down hey wait.. wait .. wait hey get up she went .. get up .. get up come on throw the ball. one run he took..
-hey get lost .. what the hell are you playing . hit it a six.. hit a six… why is he not hitting a six ?
– why are you hitting me ? why is is not hitting a six..
-tell him that . he is out
– go you play now . ***** go play what happened ?
– hey.. wait.. wait.. wait turn back.. wait lift your head .. get some cow’s urine for him .. lift him up.. friends on public demand , we got you the second part of gully cricket if you loved this video , please hit like we aim 10,000 likes if you want part 3 of this video , comment below for it and let us know your new ideas by commenting below and share our videos on your social media accounts and subscribe our channel ( chorus ) and press the bell icon bell ..
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