Gully Cricket : Imagination vs Reality

Jatin Jatin Jatin (chants) Hey Jatin will, stop showing off and get us the bat. What a shot!
What a placement! What a timing! Bro what’s wrong with you, take it easy! Is this the time to play? Is this a place to play? I will get your silly game banned in the society meeting. Get Lost. You are shitting all over the place. Bro, its best you retire. I am not out. Wait I will show you how. See the ball bounced here and it flew just
over this stump. From here? From here? Then how did the stump fall? It must be the breeze. Breeze or Blizzard? I am not out dude. Swear on God. Give me the ball bro. Wait Wait Wait. Namaste Aunty. Come on let’s continue. My tomatoes Oh Damn.. Come Fast.. Run Run Run. Come on let’s hide, we are in trouble…the
ball has gone into Psycho aunt’s house. Aunty they are all hiding right here. Congratulations. Hey We won we won. Anyone can win by cheating. We didn’t cheat. Let me show you what happened. See the ball bounced here and it flew just
over this stump. It just didn’t touch. What happened, who won? Oh you? Catch this scoundrel. Sometimes rules are broken in gully cricket and sometimes they are rewritten
to bridge the distances. Sometimes to rekindle friendship. Sometimes to come closer than ever. So many colours, So many melodies. But one country. To come together all we need is one excuse. A beautiful excuse called Cricket. Come, let’s get together and cheer for Team

100 thoughts on “Gully Cricket : Imagination vs Reality

  1. Tum lug can park bukwas pa takin kerte hu ek din the day of judgement sirf Allah rehjai ga or muslims ko janat Nasseb hu gi or Hindu ku he'll mujay pata ha th bulo ga bukwas Akhirat ma dekeh ga last Allah is only he has no son or mother or anything he only one Allah na tum logo ko banaya take tum un ki ibadad karo cricket ma hi har geet us as kuch ferk nahi per ta Allah ki ibadad sirf namaz per ker sekte ek din tu me to ga na teb yaad

  2. Outstanding video mere bhai isse pahle mene esii cricket video nahi dekhi I love cricket ??

  3. But you all are so much happy beacause it's Pakistan vs India match but after this match you will cry beacause Pakistan won and your bhagwan has also to cry so much for 30 days

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