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Bro match at 5pm come ok toss Hey bro they are having the match at 5pm today So i thought v will go to the ground at 4 clock What time are you coming? okay, okay guys lets play lets play Teams blue blue, black black is it okay? toss toss coin Aiyoyo Nothing da You don’t have a coin is it? ‘Let’s go, Let’s go okay, ODD or EVEN? sa boo three Four people sa boo three sa boo threech No need 5rs, let’s toss in 10rs coin Bro I knew we are playing today So I just bought this customised coin Just for tossing from First ball Mama, leave it.. *Wide* Track looks kinda dry We are going to get some spin towards the long run okay, I think we are going to go All ready Such a fine catch I say Catch, catch Dude 2G man If the ball falls right hand side, 2g dude One run da Hey, pick the ball What are you doing man? Guys according to my calculation The ball is not landing here. Shiva u catch it You cant hit properly or what? Out da Next time you’re not bowling ball da Khadam Khadam, let’s go home Pack up,Pack up Ok the ball is lost so let’s go home Hey, hey ball right? Wait I have it Hey, Kolhi the mass Dhoni the mass Dhoni mass Kolhi do ko dooo kooo Kolhi Dhoni 1983 world cup That was the team The best Indian team under the best captain kapil dev Did u watch the 2007 world cup yeah I watched, what is in it? Nothing but Ganguly is the best Hello baby, is the lunch ready? No, is it? Not keeping well is it? Today also saravana bhavan is it? Okay Should I bathe the dog? Ok ok I will do Even the bathroom? Ok sure will do it ok ok bye Guys food is ready, come soon Subscribe to PP Today I cant make it dude I have to take care of my kid I have to feed her Wife is not at home so Whattt? Even you’re not coming? Hell with u guys I know who to call Hello Hello Dude Where are u? Helllooo

100 thoughts on “Gully Cricket: 20’s vs 30’s | Sportskeeda | Paracetamol Paniyaram

  1. ada pavigala ball lost nu sollaring adha frame la gate kitta ball iruku .. mistakes in paracetamol panniyaram nu oru video potaraporanga

  2. starting la mokka pasangala irukumpothu nala pannanga..ipo konjam popular aanathum soothu kolupu athigam aiduchu pola mokkaya panranga…

  3. Nice try but not to expected level!!!yet good work, not even using a bad word…but it's no PP for..get the PP back..##PP ##Missing Monish ##unlimited fun ##watha dei!!!☠

  4. bro spr bro ….ella pp laum oruthan ethavthu different ah pandran …ithula oruthan stump ah kaila uttu aatitu irukan ..anga tha bro comedy itha apdiye maintain panunga .. waiting for next pp #gothadei

  5. dei dei stop these bullshit come out with something epic like gothafriendsda gothadeadpool kinda works…even ur last street cricket stereotypes was good….so take your time make something atleast watchable..siripu varlenalu paravaila verupu varuthuda levidi

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