Guia Fallout 4 Como Ter o 2076 World Series Baseball Bat✦ (Melhor Taco de Baseball)

Go, Go, and it’s gone, and the
crowd is going wild Hello Gamer, my name is Jogador Plays and welcome to a new Fallout 4 Unique Weapons Guide Today i want to show you how you can get this unique weapon, that it’s called 2076 World Series Baseball Bat Huge Name (That’s what she said :D) You have a small chance of throwing your enemies in the air, and you evev hear the public going wild for you Do you want to know how to get this weapon Gamer?
Keep watching this video see you soon. Ok gamer, to get that unique Baseball bat what do you need to do and where do you have to come As you can see in the map you have to come to this place called Jamaica Pains It’s near University Point Near S.Boston Military Checpoint, near Big John’s Salvage, it’s in this part of the map It’s not hard to miss Befor i show you how to get the weapon, i will show a mini quest that’s is part of this place Follow my path You will reach this house, it’s not
this one, you want this one Keep going in this path it’s easier to get here When you are inside, go up the stairs, this city is full Ghouls so be careful, go to this bodies Grab the keys, the invitation and everything that you need Grab whatever you need from her body, so now listen to the holotape that was in his body if you see you will recieve a notification that will tell you to go to this body if you have the quest active From this body you wnat to take is keys and the holotape As you see is log is a letter see one of the logs, and if you notice you will recieve another notification if you the quest active she will tell you to go to this place, this place is called Town Hall When you reach this point open this door with the key or go trough the broken wall, go down the stair and go to the Jamaica Plain Town Hall basement So when you are inside you want to go trough this door with the emblem above it Open this door, and you notice that this hall is full of traps, you can deactivite one after the one and you will get crafting material for doing that But it will take you a long time for doing that, so go trough this door you have the key Here you have a safe with a expert lock When you reach this place You will notice that you are on the other side of the lazers, that’s the place that you needed to be Go to the computer, after you unlock the computer both robots will activate, i will open the door Open door, and now they will be active, afrer you deal with te robots, go to this room and press the button When you are inside you will complete the mini quest Turn to the right When you are here you can see You have here the 2076 World Series Baseball Bat if you see he dosen’t have any upgrade, the most intresting thing on him is the small chance to send the targets flying, and it’s a very small chance But it is a very funny thing when it happens It does have another defect it’s very slow, most enemies are quicker than you, here you have more stuff This really is a treasure room, from anothe time, but you can check the room Well gamer this is how you can get the 2076 World Series Baseball Bat, as one of your weapons Gamer if this guide helped you, please leave a like and Share in the socail media and with your friends and Gamer Keep on Playing

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