GRUBS XI – Full Film (Local Cricket Comedy Sketch – Sportsbet)

(fast paced music) – Righto, who’s gonna enter
this mess into MyCricket? – All your I reckon, Skip. – Thought as much. – What I end up with? – None for 58, off four. – Bloody hell. – Yeah not pretty reading
for any of us, boys. – I reckon my first ball blob pushes my average into single digits. – Y’know I was talkin’ to
this girl the other night and she actually brought up MyCricket. – What? – How? – Well, I was tellin’
her I scored three tons in second grade. – [Team] Oh Slug
– Jesus Slug – It wasn’t my fault, she
already knew about it. Somebody had obviously tipped her off. – So what, nothings sacred anymore? – Every Monday I get stat shamed
by the boys in the office, that never used to happen. – No
– I hate that – Yeah, it’s an invasion of privacy. – Yeah
– It is an invasion of privacy – Well what are you gonna do? You gonna hack into MyCricket
and delete all the data? (lively jazz music) – All right gentlemen, here’s the plan, MyCricket is a national database housing the statistics of
every cricketer in the country. Right there for anyone to
see at the click of a button. – [Team] Pigs – All we need to do is bring
down the external firewall, hack into the central mainframe and reconfigure the external matrix. Only one problem. (computer beeps loudly) – I need a password. – What about mycricketo1? (computer beeps softly) – Got him, yes.
– Beautiful All right, now just install
the source code virus. And our pathetic excuse
for cricket careers will be deleted forever. – Won’t work. (dramatic music) (door creaks) – Tony? Tony what are you doing here? – I said it won’t work. Tried it a few years back after people started called me Audi. – Audi? – I got four noughts in a row. (laughing) – Not bad actually. – Taking down the external firewall will only get you so far. If you really wanna wipe
the entire data spread, you’ll have to do it manually. – Manually? – You gotta break into MyCricket HQ, then you gotta disconnect the main ethernet cable from the server. You do that and she’ll fold quicker than the Australian top six in the subcontinent. – Knew it couldn’t be done. – I bowled eight wides today. – Hang on, is that MyCricket
HQ on Johnson street? Around the corner from
Pedro’s chicken shop? – Spicy chicken dippers there are elite. – Yeah, that’s the one. (lively jazz music) – AJ, Hammy, pad up, you’re
going to Johnson street. Now to get to the cable, you’re going to have to get
past the Night Watchman. This could be tough because he’s got a pretty solid defense. – Hang on, why do I have to do it? – AJ, don’t argue or I’ll
drop you back to fifth grade. – Aww damn it. (lively jazz music) – G’day mate, just here to clean up. – Really? Behind that door fellas
there’s not much at all. There’s a computer,
there’s a ethernet cable that’s plugged into the wall
and it’s linked to the server. Go nuts fellas. Flat track bullies to home sheds, partnership breakers are
in, repeat, we are in, over. – Is that the Matty Hayden cookbook? – My word is. – Good luck with the
coconut chili crab curry. – Okay, once inside, the
primary cable should be in the south eastern
corner of the main room. (loud buzzing) – Geez, we’re in strife here. Righto let’s think partnerships. (lively jazz music) – You’ve eaten that whole box, haven’t ya? – Mate, it’s hot now. – You ate half of it
before we left the shop. – Yep – Fraction away from you. Yep, that’s it. – Okay, carefully remove the
cable and insert the USB. (click fingers) – Lost it in the light,
anyway, come on let’s um. – They’ve gotta come out
and have some as well and I paid for half of this, all right. – Yeah, well, you should’ve got more. – Hurry up – I might come round
the wicket, sorry mate. (clicking) Put it in right the first time. I’ll come back over. (soft chiming) – I reckon we’re on here boys. – Suresh, be a team player. All right, well see you next Saturday. – You disgust me, you know that. – Oh crap. – Flat track bullies to home sheds. Big trouble down here, massive mix up. Partnership breakers need
to hit out or get out. – Boys you’re gonna have
to get out right now, Simon O’Donnell’s coming for ya. – Does look like him, actually. (intense music) – Come on, come on, this is
taking longer than the Big Bash. (loud intense music) – Hummer, don’t you bloody dare, we’re in the 90s, nobody move. – Guys you gotta get out, get
out, he’s coming, come on. – Come on mate, let’s
just get out of here, it’s not worth it. – AJ, I haven’t averaged over
15 since I was a teenager, I bloody need this. – Yeah (bleep) We all need this. – Come on boys, work hard. (intense music) – When I say chicken you say – Dippers – Chicken – Dippers – Chicken (intense music) – Am I still good to get
a lift home after this? – Yeah mate, no dramas. – Sweet – That’s stumps gents. (beeping) (intense music) (phone rings) – No, I don’t really play golf
much anymore, too political. – Morning guys. – [Guys] Morning Jayne. – How’d you guys go on the weekend? – Very well, thanks Jayno. Had a great win actually,
yours truly took a Michelle and scored a run a ball 50. – Wow, so you’re actually
pretty good then? – Oh yeah, we go all right. – Lunch later, okay? – Yeah (upbeat music) (laughing) (high-pitched ding) (phone ringing) (mumbling) – Night Watchman? (mumbling) Yeah, I might know something. (mumbling) Well, you know my going rate, $150 a day. You throw in tea, you got yourself a deal. Okay great. (maniacal laughing) What? (mumbling) No that wasn’t. (mumbling)
Okay, bye. – Bowler’s name!

100 thoughts on “GRUBS XI – Full Film (Local Cricket Comedy Sketch – Sportsbet)

  1. Love the work guys
    . however really appreciate if someone provides subtitles as it's difficult to pick up accent.

  2. That one Indian player who has played for almost every team in the tournament.
    Mate I can only bat if we win the toss because my other team is fielding now, so I have to go and bat the second innings there.
    Scores a cheeky 79 and onward he goes.

  3. I think this is the first advertisement I've genuinely wanted to watch instead of the video I clicked on.

    Still not going to use the service its advertising though.

  4. My cricket sux haha, i played for 10 yrs but only shows last yr where i only played 2 inn and got a high score of 6! Lol, i scored 2 hundreds in b13s back in 14 lolol.

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