Gross Cricket Snacks?

[CRICKETS CHIRPING] We’re out of rations. There’s no sign of rescue. [WOLF HOWLING] We’re going to have to
do something desperate. I’ve gathered
these dead crickets we can eat for protein. Now, they disgusting,
but we’re going to have to make them
last if we want to sur– What else did you find? If you have an
adventurous appetite, challenge yourself to try
Larvets and Crickettes. Each pack contains
real, dried insects that have been seasoned
to create a challenge food with a snack flavor. Feast on dry mealworms or
entire crickets, wings and all. Both insects are available
in classic flavors that will make you forget you’re
eating what this guy eats. [BANJO PLAYING] Vat19, why in the sacred name
of Dale Earnhardt, Sr. would I buy bugs? I can make my own “bug-ritto”
right off this here hanging grill. [CRUNCHING] [INSECTS BUZZING] It’s like a crunchy ashtray. I better cancel the
lease on the food truck. Dare yourself to eat
Crickettes and Larvets. Buy the flavored insects
by tapping the link to our store below. Tap on the right to see
more outrageous food and crazy content
from (SINGING)

100 thoughts on “Gross Cricket Snacks?

  1. We had like a food fair where we made a bunch of foods. My group made a protein shake, but my friend made spicy crickets.?

  2. My church got these at the mall for our”fear factor” at church one was bacon and cheese flavored the other was ranch ?

  3. I would totally buy dried mealwornms because they honestly don't look all that bad, really the only bad part is their heads, but who in their right mind would eat dried crickets with the wings, head and long legs stil attached?

  4. tried those at Universal Studios… they really arent bad at all… some flavors better than others, but none are inhently gross

  5. My friend bought these crickets at the tech museum and these were the same flavors
    As soon as he bit one he then said


  6. I'd tried larvets and crickets when I was 10. Really don't recommend the larvets, but the crickets taste like chicken.

  7. The sound silly but make me wanna write a fanfiction about this video with my character for some reason XD

  8. I tried the sour cream and onion crickets, and lemme just say they taste NOTHING like sour cream and onion

  9. Next on our list is trying out these Crickettes!
    We actually reviewed the Larvets on our channel~
    Check it out if anyone is curious to know our thoughts.

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