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and Christian Jones dropped the ball.. Watkins dropped it.. woah..he has trouble with the snap and the ball is free! Football gloves actually have a synthetic grip that aids your ability to catch the football or stop the ball from its rotation. At the 10, at the 5..dives for the endzone..TOUCHDOWN! I was a Tight end for the University of Maryland from 2008-2012. Every two to three days I was getting
a new pair of football gloves.. and absolutely every game I was getting a new pair of football gloves. just because the football glove tact wears out in a matter of days. Gloves are not cheap, they cost anywhere from thirty or forty dollars a pair. So I figured there’s a better
alternative to getting a new pair of gloves every time
I need a new grip I came to the Dingman Center at the University
Maryland. I met Harry Geller. I pitched the idea to actually apply something to the
glove itself let it dry and bring that tack back to when the gloves were brand new. So we reached out to the Chemical Engineering Department. We met Matt summer 2012 when we were working on our PhD’s in Chemical Engineering. Matt came to us with this football problem and we got excited
about it had no idea that such problems existed and can actually use our
education here at Maryland to really solve it. A couple months after we started looking into Grip Boost we decided we’d apply to the Pitch Dingman competition and we actually came first place. That early money $2,500 give us money to start looking into patents and trademarks. and developing a website. Grip Boost is actually a gel and it’s applied to the
football gloves. You rub it together like you would hand sanitizer on your palms. And then you have a thin polymer layer on the glove. It replaces places that old tack and brings it back
to when the gloves were actually new again. It comes from the waste of crab shells. So we can take to key polymers in that do a simple chemical reaction to it and makes it
useful for using Grip Boost. It leaves no mess on the football and it restores tack to the gloves. Other products are going to
tend to leave a mess on your gloves get on the football, get on your clothes..and nobody wants that. So we started in football but from there we’ve launched actually a baseball product. We’re actually marketing to the pros but to the youth as well and high school athletes. It’s an amazing feeling standing here and you know having a company that is being successful and
growing year-over-year month-over-month We’ve become a dominant product on Amazon and
throughout social media kids are starting to find out about us. and get really excited that there’s a solution to their problem. The University of Maryland played a huge part in the company and the role that took us to success. It just evolved over time and that perspective is constantly changed on Grip Boost as it grows becomes more successful we find new ways to keep on getting excited

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  1. Don't waste your money on this, just use hand sanitizer. It's cheaper and practically the same thing, the only difference is the disinfecting agent of the sanitizer. Hope this helps, I'm speaking from experience.​

  2. My schools athletic lockers has a machine that dispenses bottles of the same product but you have to tell the coach first and give him 10 bucks because there not cheap

  3. The chemist literally doing everything i was told not to do in chemistry , touching chemicals bare handed, putting their face over a bucket containing chemicals etc

  4. Just to let you know, this is illegal in the nfl and might be for some college leagues. I guess it’s kinda like stikum

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