Gray-Nicolls Giant — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

Gray-Nicolls Giant. A perennial favourite, this is a very special bat, it’s a specialised bat, it’s only for… that certain type of cricketer, because, it is, as you can see: HUGE. It’s massive. These shoulders are as big as some middles in some bats. These are ginourmous. So, you’re looking at these bats, they start at 3 lbs, so they are really at the top end of the weight scale. But you still get a nice, nice shape, they’re obviously nice and full. Again, that toe is… solid. Massive and solid. Despite being 3 lbs though, these things pick up surprisingly well, they’re actually much lighter than they are. The middles on these are also unbelievably good. Obviously with all this weight in it, they go like you wouldn’t believe. And the value on these are fantastic. They’re priced at under $300. So, if you’re strong enough and you can pick it up, it’s definitely one to go with. It’s also got Gray-Nicolls’ new latex grip on it, soft-fill latex grip, which is nice and grippy. Again, just that standard handle – obviously, compared to the rest of the bat, the handle is quite thin, but definitely one – if you’re a guy that, running is not your favourite thing to do and you prefer to clear the fences and hit the ball hard, definitely a winner. Definitely something you should definitely come in and check out. We sell lots of these – surprisingly we sell more of these than you would think, it being 3 lbs, when traditionally, most guys can only use a bat around 2.8, 2.9, these are 3 lbs. If you’ve been to the gym and you can pick them up, definitely one to come in and check out at one of our five stores, or of course the full Gray-Nicolls range is online at

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