Graduating senior Jake Stone Scores MiLB internship

(relaxing electronic music) – I guess one of the most
surprising things that I’ve learned here at Iowa, is that the things that I’m doing here are truly preparing me
for what I’m going to be doing after graduation. Not just in terms of hard raw skills, but just personal skills
and time management, and other things along those lines. I worked the U.S. Olympic
trials when I was here, doing that practicum. I also partook in, twice,
in the Chicago practicum that’s offered by the
Sports and Rec program and that allowed me to
travel to work with the Chicago Blackhawks for
two weeks each summer. My internship with the Baltimore Orioles short season team, they’re
the Aberdeen IronBirds, is a video and trackman intern. Trackman is the data
tracking software that kinda tracks everything
that has to do with the ball on the field. So, when a ball comes in, the speed, the spin rate, how much it moves, and then how far a hitter
hit it in the field. I’m doing things that a lot of people in professional baseball
don’t even know how to do yet, which has been kind of
an eye opening experience to show how what I’m
learning here is actually directly applicable to what
I’ma be doing after graduation. (relaxing electronic music)

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