GoPro: “Two Roads” – Beach Volleyball with Casey Patterson (Ep. 5)

The desire to win is something
that everyone wants, every aspect of their life. It becomes almost an addiction. Winning, it’s a product of hard work,
all the time and effort and support from your whole family,
your coach, your partner. And your win, it’s not just for you. It’s for that entire group. When you put winning in that
perspective it’s more special and I think that’s why I want
it more often and so much. I first started playing volleyball when
I was 14, my first year of high school. I’ve played basketball full time and thought I was a baller and
was gonna play in the NBA. The whole dream standard. My mom told me that the high school is
having try outs for the volleyball team. But mom, that’s a girl sport. Why would I play volleyball? She’s just like, just go try out and
see what you think. If you like it, you can play and
if not, don’t worry. So I went and tried out and
fell in love with the sport. This is awesome. Progressively throughout my career I just
actually falling in love with it more and more. Growing up actually I wasn’t very tall. I was a little bit of a late bloomer. As an athlete, I wasn’t very explosive,
I wasn’t very quick. All that kind of thing
later on in my life. Luckily the passion for
the game kind of just kept me going. I just kind of grinded it away and
made it happen. When we’re competing and
we don’t win a tournament, or we aren’t as successful as we hope for
I have a really hard time With it. I don’t know what happens but there’s something that just switches
inside of me and it just makes me sick. I’m terrible loser. It’s hard to come to terms
with the fact that there’s so many variables in volleyball that
have to come together for you to win. Progressively, I’ve gotten better and
better with dealing with it with family and kids, and having support and, Calling
them after and them telling they love me. That all helps, but still, as an athlete
and a competitor and as someone who is so passionate about what I do,
when I fail, it’s really tough on me.>>This is a big sword!>>What is the teaching moment? My gosh.>>Guy’s keep working
you’ll get there one day. How about triceratops hair today? My wife Lexi she’s amazing and
she’s been such a rock for me. She brings so many things to the table
that I’ve always wanted to be. Looking back, I’ve been married for
ten years, we have three kids. It’s still the same. There’s no way I would be in the situation
that I am now and love it so much if it was with anyone else. Rad place to be, it’s so cool.>>Awesome.>>Being an athlete,
that’s what I do for a living. It’s hard to hold back when you’re
watching, especially coaches, they are just dads like, okay guys! And you’re like, no,
we gotta do drills we gotta do this. So it’s hard to kind of hold back and
not participate.>>When you have children,
your whole perspective on life changes. Now I’ve got this little human being that
the hospital let us take home and, like, I feel like I’m going to break it. Like, I don’t know what to do with this. Then you add two more to that, and
you’re like wow, this is a circus. I had two boys and
I’m like dude, I’m killing it. Two boys, this is awesome, this is so rad. We got pregnant with our third and I was
like, three boys would be so cool, right? And now it’s like,
all I wish I would have had is girls. It’s the weirdest thing and
I don’t know how to explain it.>>You’ve got to manage
all of these emotions. And personalities and then still go and
be a professional athlete. Cuz if I don’t win,
I don’t provide for my family. Your family is what you go
home to at the end of the day. Your family is what you
wake up to every morning. Your family is who will love you
unconditionally no matter who you are, what you do, they’ll always love you. And so it kinda makes life worth it.>>Doubles is like chess. Singles is kinda like checkers. If we’re at this level
it’s cuz we didn’t stop. Kept getting a little bit better
every day, and it really adds up.

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  2. Ever since I have made this YouTube channel, music has changed my life. The support from you guys is unbelievable! I'm one step closer to my dream 🙂 (being a youtuber)

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  7. Same here im still 14 years old, volleyball was not my main sport but because of my dad a national volleyball player i loved volleyball made new friends. And also i didnt wanna try out because i think it was a girl sport. ??

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