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How much? 120 for 2 Huh? 120? I thought it would be 150 It should be 180 at least Nowadays even 200 is less The real fun is when it’s 220 One more gone 120 for 3 Oh Man They’ll be able to pull it off….it’s a batting pitch Ask the Google app and get all the answers related to the Cricket world.

39 thoughts on “Google app – Answers Made Easy – Cricket Score

  1. Absolutely brilliant ad. However the girl recovers very well after being shocked to hear the rates of apples. LOL

  2. Can anyone tell the name of the actress in this ?? And where else she was spotted last ?? Just a recognising face but not remember from where .. Help people

  3. google stick to baseball. Cricket is way above your head. At least increase the ball when a wicket falls. IND v SL…seriously? You have no idea about arch rivals in cricket do you?If you want to make a mark in the cricketing world do some home work. Which super market lets you pick up items without knowing the price? Poor Ad. No sense at all.

  4. in real life super market people who work there as cashier still using feature phone and they not even allowed to use that.. get real folks..

  5. Women's world cup final: India against England
    I searched "cricket score" and Google did not give the score. Why so?

  6. its amazing for me sir ….nice video for us thx

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