Golf’s New Rules (2019): Caddies Standing Behind Player to Help Lining Up

The Rules permit you to freely exchange
advice with your caddie or partner… but you’re required to act alone when making a stroke. Under the 2019 Rules, once you start taking your stance for a stroke… neither your caddie nor partner are allowed to stand behind you.

2 thoughts on “Golf’s New Rules (2019): Caddies Standing Behind Player to Help Lining Up

  1. Finally, a rule that’s really going to simplify and revolutionize the game. I know my caddy will be disappointed, yours probably will be too, but it really is a rule the everyday golfers have longed for.

  2. It makes me wonder, if your caddy or partner happens to be standing directly behind you when you begin to take your stance, is that instantly a penalty? The way it’s shown here, it sounds like it is. I guess they make a distinction between standing there and “deliberately” standing there. Can I no longer get a read off my partner on the greens? Why not just say your caddy can’t line you up. Where you’re standing isn’t the issue.

    Can you align your partner during a practice swing then step away as they move a few inches into their actual address position?

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