[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 021: Power Down Swing

hi guys it’s Amy in order for you to hit it longer how you start the downswing is very important so today I’m going to show you the correct way to do your downs in transition so once you complete the backswing and start downswing this area right here is called a challenging transition in the downswing transition you have to use the correct muscles which would be lower body muscles rather than upper body muscles to initiate Plus you have to have the correct order of uncoiling your coil so basically it should look like this you should be using your thighs hips and abs to bring the upper body through so you have to start using this nobody first but a lot of amateurs actually start the dancing transition with their hands a lot so if you start with the hands a lot of times you will cast lose the leg um and sometimes you would use the upper body like this too much and you will probably come over the top which is no good and sometimes a lot of people actually initiate correctly with the lower body but they may use it the wrong way and spin the hips and it also causes over the top which is going to create a lot of side spin alright so today I have prepared a simple drill you can do at home and another drill you can do at the charting range okay first you have to find a wall so what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your back swing and then you’re going to place that grip and it against the wall like this and then you’re going to initiate the dancing using your thighs hips and abs boom this way you will feel the stretch in your side of your trunk and your left arm so it will look like this from the front view so you go like this you will initiate with the lower body your hands will be kind of fixed at the wall so it won’t move but it will look like this and you will feel the stretch in the arm and side of your trunk so when you do this drill you have to be careful a couple things if you try and feel that stretch when your upper body strength like this you probably won’t feel it as much in the trunk you feel it more in the shoulders that’s wrong and another one a lot of people will try and do this drill by kind of doing this way you’re kind of moving your head backwards and you’re pushing your this forward this is no good either because you will end up altering the swing path and you won’t hit it very great so what you want to do is you want to keep your head still your step angles maintains like this and use your hips thighs and abs and try and feel that stretch so now you’ve done those drills at home understanding what muscles in your body initiates the downswing transition this is the fun part let’s do a couple drills at the driving range so you can put some power into that downswing alright so you’re going to set up I have a 7-iron in my hand you’re going to set up like normal and you’re going to pull your right foot back like a foot back let’s watch so you’re going to set up and then you’re going to pull that right foot back about a foot then you’re going to give you a little bit too far from the golf ball so scoot up a little bit so you’re comfortable so like this right foot back and you’re going to make some half swings watch so when you make the half swings to correct look would be like this making a wall with the left leg and driving through with the right leg and you will finish with Musa wait in the left foot all people who initiate with their arms or their hip spin usually looks like this they would do that and then their knees would be rotated and most of the weight stays in the right foot we do not want to see that we want to see you finish you on the left with a wall like this so hit a couple like four or five shots like this with the right foot back once you start to feel the wall on the left leg let’s go ahead and switch you’re going to pull the left foot back same thing left foot back with this foot back what happens is a lot of people feel like they’re going to lose their balance so they end up kind of only transferring the weight half way we do not want to see this we want you to try and really get into the left all the way through so there’s not much pressure in the right toe then you’re going to feel a lot of tension in your left leg when it makes that wall so with the left foot back you want to make half screens really facing on the left leg like that maybe four or five shots once you feel it let’s go ahead and hit a regular shot and you really feel that you’re posting your left leg great in your regular swing and that you have transferred all your weight into the left leg and that you’re starting to use your legs a lot more for power in the downswing that’s ideally what we want to happen so I want to really practice that down swing transition part using hips thighs and abs at home and then at the driving range try this right foot back half screens and then switch left foot back practice swings I hope you’re able to follow along if you have any questions come visit me on my Instagram Facebook and website and I’ll see you guys in the next lesson you you

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  1. O' God .. how can anyone focus .This is not what i expected.. Damn she's looks far too hot and perfect to be a golf player not to mention the outfit she's wearin trouble the moment i click in..she's too hot .
    check out Jeanette Lee "The black widow" and Shanelle Loraine ..Pool players

  2. Hey Aimee, im new to the game of golf….How far apart does ymy legs have to be., shoulder to shoulder or wider?

  3. I have had numerous lesson however I have learned more from your video lessons. You have a real knack for connecting with your audience. Thank you so very much!!! Bill Heggen , Austin, TX

  4. Fantastic advice, clear and easy to follow instructions. Burnt your eyes, shut them like shutting your mouth and listen! Stupid people!

  5. Love the tip about putting the butt of the club on the wall to exaggerate the feeling of what muscles to use in hips and trunk! Best explanation of this I've ever seen. Your videos are really helping my swing! thank you!

  6. Can dudes really not appreciate a lesson by a lady without feeling the need to comment on her appearance? Some guys are disgusting pigs.

  7. Thank you Aimee! I have had a problem posting on the left foot ever since I starting golfing. I can hit an occasional drive around 295 to 300 but my swing looks horrible. After I hit the ball both of my legs are flat, then after contact my body shifts to the left. I have tried everything to fix this but I will definitely try these tips. Thanks again.

  8. sorry, I know you are a professional golfer and you are extremely talented at teaching but just have to say you are so beautiful and it would definitely be intimidating to take lessons from you! xoxoxo

  9. As for myself, to get the feeling of using my legs and hips to start the downswing, I feel as though the club and my arms are still 'up' and 'back' (essentially the position at the top of the swing, not 'dropping down'). The actual 'letting the club and arms drop' is actually caused by the legs and hips, not by the arms in effect. Love that wall tip btw.

  10. Aimee: At 0:52 and 1:43, you say to uncoil in the correct order: thighs, hips and abs. at 2:49 and 5:25, you say to uncoil using hips, thighs and abs. I assume you meant "thighs, hips and abs". Right? This is a good drill to work on in a domed air-structure over the winter up in snow country where 1/2 swings in the dome perform much as they would outdoors.

  11. I would hire her as my personal golf instructor…then sit back, grab a beer, and watch her teach me how to play golf.

  12. Aimee—– I am playing in the World am handicap tournament this august in Myrtle beach. I have been practicing your lessons every day! Only problem —i am 60 years old but have been waiting decades for time to play more golf!!!!! I am retired now and will get back to you with the results. OH YES, you are beautiful but i am not going to get into that. Your lessons are a great Inspiration for me. Thank you Aimee.

  13. I usually wouldn’t say this about Aimee because I love her lessons, but she is looking extra sexy and hot in this video. Those shorts.

  14. Been following for 3 years now.. my first Aimee golf video! Wow, who else breaks it down so good? Initiate proper down swing uncoil sequence with the lower body: Too much arm and u cast, too much upper body & u come over the top.. boom.. btw are men more prone to rely on upper body to generate swing speed than women due to physiology?

  15. Hi Aimee. Nice lessons. They're helpful.
    I'm trying to get a better swing and mentality to win competitions and maybe even get professional. You're really helpful for that road to get a better swing! Thanks

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