[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 019: POWER BACK SWING

hi guys it’s Amy if you can maximize your coil in the backswing you will maximize your power at the golf ball so today for those of you who want to pick up more distance I’m going to show you how to coil properly in the backswing if your clubface is square throughout the whole backswing and the coffee stays on plane throughout the backswing most likely you’re going to hit it straight and if you can coil properly you will hit it straight and long and that’s ideally what we want right so in order to do those things you need to know how to sync up your hands and your body properly and you need to know how to hinge properly so let’s start with the sync first so when you’re in in you when you’re synchronized what that means is that you have turned 45 degrees from your hips your chest is 90 degrees and your hands are your high so it kind of goes all together and kind of completes at the same time but if you’re at a sync it will kind of look like this if you use your hands to take it back your hands are finished and your hips are just starting to turn your hands aren’t really going to wait for your hips it’s just going to start down by itself and then hips will have to follow through again and that is not going to give you any coil or distance right and the other way a lot of people do is if you have your hips going way too fast then hips are already completed when the hands aren’t even halfway done then the hips are going to fire and then you’re going to get stuck and lose a lot of accuracy and distance so basically to synch properly if you use your shoulders and hands too much to control the backswing then the higher probabilities you’re going to be out of sync if you use more the body as your main control for the backswing it is a lot easier to sync up your hands to the body so I’ve prepared a quick drill to have you feel what it feels to have the body control the backswing so I have a towel in my hand what you’re going to do is you’re going to fold it in half you’re going to stick it under your armpits like this and you’re going to do a lot of half swings you can hit golf balls this way even if you kind of make a bigger swing the towel isn’t really going to fall down so don’t be afraid and don’t do little swings like this and really make half swings k when you do this what happens is your hands are not able to kind of go by itself without the body moving it’s all kind of become one piece kind of thing so your whole body is going to have to turn in order for your hands to go back as well so you’re going to definitely feel your thighs and your hips and your obliques working together with your hands so a lot of people sit at the desk all day long at work or a lot of people have bad backs or older people have less flexibility in their low back so I don’t really recommend those people to kind of stabilize their lower body and really twist to coil their upper body I mean this is probably good for someone a lot younger a lot stronger but this puts so much stress on your back I really don’t recommend you coiling that way I would recommend you coiling from your thighs hips and obliques kind of in one big motion together one piece like this if you do this what happens is you’re going to feel more the coil in your thighs it takes the stress away from your back so those of you who have a bad back or a less flexibility in there will be able to create a full turn full coil without much damage to your body so I really highly recommend that when you do this you see how my thighs are really twisted so when I kind of fire my thighs through it it will create so much more power through the golf ball and you feel like you just hit the golf ball automatically without much effort the only thing you have to be careful with this whole body turning is that you don’t want to turn and twist your knees your knees are designed to basically fold and extend in this direction if you start turning your knees like this you will hurt your ankles and knees and we don’t want to do that right so basically you’re going to have to do some Shaolin air you need to figure out it fits your thighs and hips and obliques turning or your knees and ankles twisting and turning see there’s our friends so you need to find that feeling for yourself and since you understand the coil let’s move on to hinging so I have talked about hinging in different video so today I’m just going to give you some checkpoints so you can work on it in front of mirror all right so when you set up let’s pretend this is a clock this is twelve o’clock six o’clock when your left arm points at eight o’clock the club is parallel to the ground it’s parallel to the target and if you look at it from the side at eight o’clock the club head is where the hand is at and you see how the club head is square right that right there it’s very good if even if you’re a little bit shot it’s okay but I want you or eight o’clock to look exactly like this parallel to the ground probably the target with the face at the hand and then once you go into your nine o’clock position this is halfway through arm is pointing at nine o’clock parallel to the ground club you’ve basically finished hinging at this point this is 90 degrees making an L if you look at it from the side again makes an L you want your hands to be more in front of your chest or your right chest is fine you do not want it to dip inside like that that means you’re probably pulling with your right arm or out like this you’re probably lifting with your arms no good right so in front of your chest slide shaft lean to it we don’t want it straight up or too flat then you get off plane and your club head doing club head starts doing funny stuff and then you lose distance okay so third checkpoint would be the top position at the top position you want your hips 45 degrees shoulders 90 degrees your hands about ear high-ish and you can have your club parallel to the ground or shy of it it doesn’t really matter as long as you have coiled to the maximum right so from the side when you do this correctly your left arm covers the right shoulder and your hands are slightly behind your ears right here okay we don’t want it covering your face but to the point where you see your right shoulder it’s no good that’s off plane okay right here is what we want so when we get into that eight o’clock nine o’clock and a top position right here there you really want to do a lot of beer work so you get in the right slot with the shaft in the correct spot okay so I’ve shows you I’ve shown you the towel drill under your armpits to feel the body moving together with your hands and then I showed you three different checkpoints to get your hinging going correctly I hope you can really drill this in so you can really maximize your coil therefore you’ll be able to out drive everybody in your group okay hope you’re with Duval if you have any questions don’t forget to come visit me at my Instagram Facebook and my website and leave questions comments and I will see you in the next lesson

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